Loose Leaf and Breakfast Buffet

Three weeks have passed since I started at Harvard Business School.

Amidst excitement over the most intellectually stimulating discussions I’ve had, sleep deprivation from having something at 7:30 for the first time in years (but going out the night before), and insecurity from seeing amazing classmate’s amazing lives, I haven’t had any time to stop and digest.

I love breakfast. But I don’t want my time to be a breakfast buffet. I don’t want to eat so fast that I’m unappreciative of the just how warm and soft the blueberry muffin is. I definitely don’t want to get too greedy and stuff my face with whatever is in on my plate and get sick. (Not that I’ve done that at buffets or anything…)

2 years. 200K. This is the biggest investment I have made. I want to capitalize on it as much as I can.

I won’t be great at writing regularly. My writing is probably terrible. I definitely won’t be proof reading. No one will read this except my mother and random browsers from Uzbekistan. But I’ll try my best to document my learnings purely for my educational purposes.

Hello, Medium.

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