The how to with Wedding Bouquets

The cake, the dress, the makeup..oh no now it’s time to pick the flowers, I don’t even know what my favourite colour is how on earth am I going to pick my bouquet. How do you even pronounce the word bouquet? It’s the weirdest word anyway. Ahhhh okay, I can do this. Sound familiar? Oh I see it all to often. I am a florist from way back okay okay, maybe 8 years ago.. it was my first position I ever had in the middle of Brisbane City. Oh I was so adorable carrying vases larger than my head up and down elevators to surprise all of the lucky women. Yes, I made them all smile and I just loved to witness their reactions.

It was a time in my life that I experienced how to understand textures, colours and what works together and what doesn’t. Your wedding bouquet should be one that represents you as a person. It should be one that shows a reflection of your unique style. A wedding bouquet should not just be ‘ whatever the florist recommends’ it should be chosen with thought, love and excitement.

If you don’t even like flowers the chances of you carrying them down the isle to your husband to be are very slim. If you don’t appreciate the gorgeous scent, the way the flowers so gently sway in the breeze then don’t spend the money on them. If you truly don’t adore flowers hold something else, get creative. The first step to creating the perfect bouquet is to decide on a wedding theme, country? beachy? What location do you plan on saying I do?

The second step is collaborating pictures and ideas of things you love and things you don’t. I suggest you make a dream board of all of your ideas and concepts. We are so very lucky we have the internet in the palm of our hands, google, pinterest, instagram you name it. You can create the perfect design by cutting and pasting your ideas into a journal. I suggest not to mix to many colours or flowers together. I believe simple at times is the key to an amazing design that won’t date to much in time.

Your florist is your guru, once they see the things you love and the things you don’t you will soon see that florist’s are designers and specialise in creating the perfect bouquet for you. Look at your florist as an artist, because that is what they are.

The price, oh the price. Don’t turn your nose up at the price. The florist did not just pick a flower and chuck them together, the process of finding the perfect flowers in the perfect condition, opening flowers up to the perfect level takes time, patience, and knowledge. The flowers go into a cooler, out of a cooler. They have to be cared for just like children do, haha! Well maybe not so much but very close. You will always get what you pay for. You will always have gorgeous images of your special day and the flowers you choose will be very obvious in 25 years time when you are sitting on the lounge with your grandchildren reminiscing on the day you married the man of your dreams.

Make sure you spend the time to represent who you are with your bouquet, it will be one of the first things everyone will look at as you walk down the aisle, along with the tears running down your cheek, enjoy every moment.