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Britten Wilder — Britten Wilder Author Autobiography — Britten Wilder — Britten Wilder Author Autobiography Britten Wilder Becomes an Author Britten Wilder never thought his own person frustration would one day educate, empower and uplift people around the world. While Wilder received success in his career, his personal life was a different story. Women were saying that it was hard to find a good man. Wilder and so many frustrated men around the United States were saying the same thing. Wilder took his own personal frustrations as well as the personal frustrations of both sexes and turned it into his first international best seller entitled, ​Getting and Keeping your Mate Trained, Whipped, Faithful and on a Leash​. Before Wilder knew it, he found himself a guest on major talk shows around the world and a relationship coach for some of Hollywood and music biggest stars. Wilder followed up his best seller with the following hits: ● Is it Love or a Big Misunderstanding? ● Understanding the Games Men Play (How to Think Like a Man) ● Desperate Husbands ● Men’s Most Thoughts, What Men Think but Dare to Reveal If you miss one bus, don’t worry. A Mercedes is on the way. Who in their right mind wants to jump on another bus? Men, pay your child support. Parents, be there for your children. They are the people who will one day decide which nursing home to put you in. Newlyweds, make sure you are on the same sheet of music. He’s thinking ‘Now that I have a wife, I won’t have to work so hard’. She’s thinking, ‘Thank the Lord for giving me a husband, now I can quit my job’. The secret of having a long-lasting relationship is to put God first, accept your differences, concentrate more on your similarities, keep the romance alive and have open honest communication about what you both want and need. You cannot change your past, but couples everywhere can change their future

  1. 2. Article 6 Newlyweds, make sure you are on the same sheet of music. He’s thinking “Now that I have a wife, I won’t have to work so hard.” She’s thinking, “Thank the Lord for giving me a husband, now I can quit my job.” The secret of having a long-lasting relationship is to put God first, accept your differences, concentrate more on your similarities, keep the romance alive and have open honest communication about what you both want and need. You cannot change your past, but couples everywhere can change their future. The author is a graduate of the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and is presently living in Atlanta, Georgia. Author Biography Dynamic! Informative and Uplifting!​ Nobody creates excitement like author, therapist and life coach Britten Wilder, the author of numerous best-sellers. He is the personal therapist for some of music’s hottest young artists, Hollywood’s hottest young celebrities and the “Go to Guy” for some of today’s hottest contemporary publications. Empowering! ​His sold out relationship seminars have taught troubled couples how to reinvent their marriage, rekindle the passion and side step the pit-falls of relationships in the new millennium. Knowledgeable!​ A former talk show host and relationship consultant for some of television’s hottest shows, the author has studied relationships in 10 different countries and is a former writer/producer for the award-winning, nationally syndicated top twenty radio show, Coast to Coast; heard in 300 markets around the world. Charismatic and Entertaining​! Before you divorce, always remember there are five sides to every story, not two. There is the man’s side, the woman’s side, the in-laws side, the lawyer’s side and the
  2. 3. truth, I often tell single women that you are spoiled when you have a closet full of designer shoes. You are mature and ready for a mate when you trade them all for one pair of shoes that don’t hurt your feet. I often tell men your mate will have her days and her ways. When a woman marries you she often, unsuspectingly, marries three different people; the person you pretend to be, the person you really are, and the B-I-T-C-H she becomes after she’s been married to you. Young men, relationships are seriously out of order. It used to be ‘Mary and Johnny sitting in a tree K-I-S-‘S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage. There goes Mary with a baby carriage’. Now, it’s ‘Mary and Johnny sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love then comes baby. There goes Johnny with another lady’. If you’re single, or over 40 or 50, and not a man in sight…sometimes instead of waiting for your ship to come in you need to row out and meet it.
  3. 4. Article 7 Britten Wilder’s sold out international relationship seminar is the talk of the town. Wilder picks out popular and controversial from his latest release and do a Q&A with the audience. Wilder covers and elaborates on such topics as: What your mother did not know or forgot to tell you about getting and keeping a man. What your father didn’t know or forgot to tell you about getting and keeping a woman. Why women cheat when they have a good man. The most popular places men go to cheat, etc. Wilder ends his relationship seminar with one of his famous quotes: “Relationships are not complicated, we make them complicated.” The secret of having a long and lasting relationship is to do the following: ● Accept your differences and concentrate more on your similarities ● Keep the romance alive and ● Have honest and open communication about what you both want and need.
  4. 5. Article 8 Britten Wilder Bringing Sexy Back Britten Wilder often tell women that men are visual first. They are stimulated by what they see and a healthy body is a healthy mind. Wilder daily practices what he preaches. He begins his day about 5:00 am with a rigorous workout that includes jogging 2 to 5 miles, a healthy breakfast, meditation, crunches and free weights. According to Wilder, women like “Eye Candy” just like men. So men should keep themselves in shape just to keep the romance alive. Very often couples take the attitude of “Now that I am married, it doesn’t matter what I look like.” Your first motivation is do it for yourself. Next it should be for health, kids and mate.
  5. 6. Article 9 Britten Wilder was born in Aliceville, Alabama. He is the youngest son of the last Thomas and Amy Wilder. Both deceased parents were former school teachers at the local middle school. He attended Aliceville High School. Wilder was a trumpet player in the local school band. He participated in high school sports, and excelled in academics and graduated in the top 10% of his class. Wilder was voted as “Most Popular, Biggest Flirt and Most Likely to Succeed” In high school, Wilder played in the R&B group called the “Soul Rockers.” After the group disbanded, Wilder became a popular radio disc jockey called “Mr. T” (Mr. Together). Wilder became an immediate success and his popularity caused him to be the name the №1 DJ in West Alabama and East Mississippi. Wilder Opened a chain of nighclubs in Alabama, Columbus, Mississippi and Shannon Mississippi, called Mr. T’s. Britten Wilder is a graduate of the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Wilder majored in communication. Wilder worked his way through college as a radio disc jockey and performing at local nightclubs. Wilder received his B.A. and upon graduation moved to Atlanta, Georgia and took a job as a writer for the nationally syndicated African American Countdown. This top 20 radio show aired coast to coast in more than 300 markets around the world. Wilder’s job, not only consisted of writing the award winning syndicated show, but interviewed music icon such as James Brown, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner, Mick Jaggar, and Diana Ross. Wilder’s later started his own company as an investment banker and a real estate investor.
  6. 7. Article 11 Britten Wilder’s Letters to Santa December is not only the month for presents, Christmas shopping and Santa Clause but also Britten Wilder’s popular social media episode called “Letter to Santa.” Wilder’s letter box is not filled with request from his audience wanting money, an expensive car, home, the latest toy, budget or Xbox. Wilder’s box is filled with an overwhelming request from single women wanting Santa to send them a good man. There is an old saying, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Frustrated husbands asked Santa to give them advice on how to get their mate to change or become more appreciative. As Santa dishes out his relationship advice, both sexes are happy with their answers and present.
  7. 8. Article 12 Britten Wilder’s Hobbies “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Britten Wilder knew this popular quote all too well. Wilder relaxed and kicked back by boating, playing tennis, music, hiking, movies, art museum, plays, dancing and enjoying the great outdoors. Britten Wilder’s Everyday Life When Britten Wilder is relaxing at home, he enjoys cooking, reading, cuddling and watching movies. Wilder also enjoys collecting old R&B music on vinyl and has an impressive collection of popular old school singers and groups on 45 records such as Ray Charles, Otis Redding, Muck Jaggar, and Tina Turner. Wilder is also a sucker for a bargain and antiques. He enjoys getting up on Saturday morning and going scavenge hunting in antique shops and estate sales.
  8. 9. Article 13 Britten Wilder’s Travels Britten Wilder has traveled to over 20 different countries. He loves to explore different countries and cultures. He has eaten everything from ants, to spiders, to gorilla testicles. His getting around transportation is not a luxury automobile or an exotic car, but everything from a bike, scooter to a donkey horse drawn wagon to an out of control taxi driver who believes a stop sign or stoplight is only an intelligent suggestion.
  9. 10. Article 14 Britten Wilder Celebrities Friends As the relationship coach to the stars, Britten Wilder is on speed dial for some of Hollywood biggest stars and the music business biggest icons such as the late and great Michael Jackson, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Tina Turner, etc. What Wilder realized from talking to the rich, powerful and famous is regardless of our socioeconomic status or race, when it comes to love, “We are more alike than we are different.”
  10. 11. Article 15 Britten Wilder’s Interview Ritual Britten Wilder loves his work. According to the author, “Nothing brings him more personal satisfaction than helping troubled couples.” Wilder’s first book, ​Getting and Keeping Your Mate Trained, Whipped, Faithful and on A Leash​ came out in February, 2007. According to Wilder, he still sometimes gets nervous when getting ready to do a media show. His ritual includes prayer, looking in the mirror articulating his words and saying the popular tongue twister, “She sells sea shells by the sea shore.”
  11. 12. Article 16 Men’s Most Intimate Thoughts​ by Britten Wilder unlock the male code of silence and reveals to women what men think, want and need. Wilder answers such controversial questions as: ● Why men can’t commit? ● How long should a woman wait on a marriage proposal? ● The 10 most popular lies men tell women ● The 25 mistakes that keep women single Britten Wilder, the author of the national bestseller ​Understanding the Games Men Play ​is back with a new novel, ​Desperate Husbands, ​which will set the country on its ear. While researching his novel, the author secretly did a cross-racial survey among I,000 Atlanta, Georgia spouses between the ages of 21–50. Statistics and other information can be found on pages 183–186 and 338–343. During his research Britten Wilder discovered that: 60% of Atlanta spouses admitted they’ve cheated. (This includes emotional infidelity, a non-sexual relationship with a shared attraction or chemistry, or physically seeking the comfort of another person other than their mates.) 60% of Atlanta husbands openly admitted they got married because of threats, pressure, pregnancy, intimidation, withholding of sex, or the man thought it would make his partner happy. 68% of men complained that their wives were too​ ​sexually inhibited. Two​ ​out of eight husbands surveyed admitted they are on the down-low or have experienced an alternative lifestyle. Plus, the reader will find many more statistics that will blow the lid off today’s concepts of the modern marriage. ​Desperate Husbands​ will push all your buttons. Full of comedy and tragedy, and factual information, this novel will help the reader develop and rebuild a healthy, committed relationship as well as rekindle the passion and avoid the pitfalls of modern-day relationships.
  12. 13. Article 17 Britten Wilder’s Speeches No one creates excitement, empower, inform or uplift trouble couples like author/relationship coach Britten Wilder. Wilder’s popular and exciting topics include: Looking for Chocolate. With the shortage of available Black men, should Black women expand their dating pool to include men of other nationalities? Should you reveal an unknown infidelity? Will the truth set you free or set you up? Article 17 — Part 1 Britten Wilder’s Bringing Love and Commitment Back Relationship Seminar ● Eye-opening, controversial and mind blowing statistics taken from American husbands based on a 3 year study ● How to give him the ultimate oral sex by using the vowels A,E,I,O,U and sometimes Y and W (Chapter 25, page 1125. For television author will illustrate). ● Always a bridesmaid, but men honestly reveal why you’re not a bride. ● Why men cheat when they have a good woman at home. ● How long should a woman wait on a marriage proposal? ● Is infidelity limited to just sex? ● Is there ever a good reason to cheat? ▪ Your mate is disabled. ▪ You don’t want a divorce. ▪ They withhold sex because they are angry. ● Should you reveal an unknown infidelity or hold your peace forever? ● Top five places men go to cheat. ● Should you fulfill all your mate’s fantasies, even if it includes a menage a trios or wife swapping? ● What do you do when ‘getting his freak on’ is turning you off?
  13. 14. ● Is chivalry dead? ● Why romance stops after marriage. ● He’s cheating if… ● He’s thinking of divorce if… ● What makes a man fall in love? ​(Based on a national survey) ● Plastic surgery…should you go under the knife to please your man? ● The top five things that drive husbands crazy. ​(Based on a national survey) Article 17 — Part II Bringing Love & Commitment Back Relationship Seminar ● What men wish their mate’s knew about getting, keeping and pleasing them. ● How to be sexy, fabulous and keep your mate interested after your 40’s and 50’s. ● Should you tell your mate if they’re lousy in bed? ● How to soothe his fragile ego when you bring home the bacon and he only brings home a few beans. ● How to have a sordid affair with your mate. ● You are ready for a wedding, but are you prepared to be a wife?
  14. 15. ● You are ready for a wife, but are you prepared to be a husband? ● Should you date your ex’s best friend? ● Multiple divorces? Are they a safe gamble? ● Does too much success equal a successful match? ● If you have one homosexual experience, does it make you gay? ● What to do when the Pastor makes a pass. ● Should couples take separate vacations, or live in separate residences? ● Sexual relief for the single, man-less and saved. ● What to do when she’s too holy to be a wife. ● The top ten lies men tell women. ● Is love really enough? ● Is he husband material? ● Should a woman propose to a man? ● Prenuptial Agreements? If you trust them with your heart, shouldn’t you trust them with your money? ● Should she pay alimony? ● Does ‘standing by your man’ or ‘for better or worse’ include prison?
  15. 16. Article 17 — Part III Bringing Love & Commitment Back Relationship Seminar ● Should a married woman keep her last name? ● How to know when it’s time for a divorce. ● Getting your groove back…How to get married after 40. ● Should he be strong or be sensitive…It’s up to you. ● Could your soul mate exist in another race or religion? ● Why we always want the people that don’t want up. ● Advise your mother didn’t know, or forgot to tell you about getting, keeping and pleasing a man. ● The High Maintenance look…are you too sexy for yourself? ● Renewing your wedding vows…getting the best instead of the worst out of your marriage. ● If you had to, would you marry your mate all over again? ● How to program you son to, one day, be a husband, but most of all, how to be a man. ● Has President Obama’s election set up unrealistic expectations for African American men? ● Has Michelle Obama changed the stereotype or raised the bar for African American women? ● When is it time to call it quits? ● Can the mate of your dreams exist in another race? ● You know he’s having a mid-life crisis when….? ● The desperate husbands rule of surviving that men never want women to know. Check out chapter 63, page 264–265 of ​Desperate Husbands ​for the rules, and also check out prior TV interviews on Britten Wilder’s website, www.BrittenWilder.corn
  16. 17. Article 18 Britten Wilder is a sought after and controversial guest on some of today’s most popular show and publications. Such engagements include: The View, The Wendy Williams Show, The Tavis Smiley Show, BET, Ebony, Cosmopolitan, etc.
  17. 18. Article 19 Britten Wilder on The View Britten Wilder caused women to listen when he debuted his controversial release, ​Understanding the Games Men Play, How to Think Like a Man​. Wilder highlighted such points as: Far too many American mothers are setting their daughters up for bad relationships. How to get what you want and need from a man without ever having to ask. Stop complaining about what you are not getting but praise and reinforce to your man what you are getting.
  18. 19. Article 20 Britten Wilder’s Interview on the Tavis Smiley Show Britten Wilder caused a lot of controversy when he stopped by the Tavis Smiley Show. Not only did he debut his international best seller ​Getting and Keeping Your Mate Trained, Whipped, Faithful and on a Leash​, but he answered such questions as: Should you go under the knife just to please your mate? Should you fulfill all of your mate’s fantasies and much, much more.
  19. 20. Article 21 Britten Wilder “Turned Out” Bet Britten Wilder caused a lot of commotion with his research on male/female relationship in his latest controversial release. Wilder highlighted that every marriage is vulnerable to infidelity including the President of the United States. Wilder also pointed out what it took to keep both mates happy and committed.
  20. 21. Article 22 Britten Wilder’s Views on Dating Across the Color Line Can the man or woman of your dreams exist in another race? Britten Wilder feels that they can. According to Wilder, “The heart doesn’t know color, the heart just wants someone to love and sometimes your ‘Chocolate’ can come in another flavor.”
  21. 22. Article 23 Britten Wilder’s Weekly Advice on Relationships Get your weekly dose of Britten Wilder on social media: Facebook​: https: wilder/ref Twitter Instagram You tube
  22. 23. Article 25 Britten Wilder is selected as Ebony Magazine’s Most Eligible Bachelor Britten Wilder, president of Capital Investment Group has been selected as one of Ebony Magazine’s Most Eligible Bachelors. Wilder was tickled to death to receive such an honor. In his spare time, the Atlanta, Georgia resident volunteers with a “Big Brother Program”. He also started First Respect, Education and Employment (F.R.E.E), a program for troubled youth coming out of jail and prison. Wilder also volunteers as a motivational speaker for abused women. He desires a woman who is shapely, intelligent, supportive and marriage minded. Britten Wilder Wilder Receives Writing Appointment​ ​as noted in the Pickens County Herald Britten Wilder of Aliceville has been appointed as assistant writer for American Media, Atlanta’s largest black-owned communication firm. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilder of Aliceville and is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a degree in public relations and political science. His job consists of writing for American Media syndicated radio and television programs which run across the country and interviewing such entertainers as Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Paul McCarthy. Wilder is a former announcer for WRAG/WAQT radio station in Carrollton and is experienced in all facets of communications. At the age of 24, Wilder is the youngest person in his company. Wilder Features Singers ATLANTA, GA — Britten Wilder, public relations/writer for American Media in Atlanta and native of Aliceville, Ala., will feature Gladys Knight and the Pips in the American Media show “In the Beginning.” The show is being given in honor of the group’s 30​th​ anniversary in the music business. The show will be aired on American Media’s 300 affiliated radio stations natiuonw9ide and will span the entire career of the group. Gladys Knight and the Pips are natives of Atlanta and during their careers have received nine gold singles, five gold albums, five Grammy awards and four American Music awards.
  23. 24. Wilder to have songs featured Britten Wilder, PR/Writer for “American Media” in Atlanta, GA has written songs which will be featured in the upcoming album of recording artist Ray Parker, Jr. The album is scheduled to be released in the summer of 1984. Wilder is a former Pickens Countian and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilder of Aliceville. Parker made the announcement of Wilder’s selection while in Atlanta recently for a “Drug Prevention” program sponsored by American Media. The announcement was made in a celebration held in Parker’s honor at the estate of entertainer Hamilton Bohannon. Parker has dominated the rhythm and blues charts with his latest release, “I Can’t Get Over Loving You.” During his career, he has recorded 23 hit singles, six gold albums and five platinums. Childhood Dreams Fade to Career — printed in the Commercial Dispatch, Columbus, MS At 24, Britten Wilder III is the youngest person employed at American Media Services — Atlanta’s largest black-owned communications firm. And while his childhood dreams of becoming a star have faded, he is now satisfied with what to him is the next best thing — just working with big names in the entertainment business. Born June 2, 1959, in Aliceville, Ala., to Thomas and Amy Wilder, Wilder claims his dreams of becoming a star began early. “As a child, my idol was James Brown. I tried to dress, dance and sing like him,” Wilder said. Wilder’s admiration for Brown continued into his early teen years when his dreams expanded to one day forming his own band and performing before millions of screaming fans. The dream of forming his own band became reality in high school when he organized a band called The Soul Rockers, which later disbanded when the disco craze moved other forms of music, including soul, to the back burner. After his brief career as an entertainer himself, Wilder moved on to another aspect of the business: radio. The story of his move follows. “I was projectionist at the Hook Theater in Aliceville. One day, I was showing the Sunday movie, and I brought my girlfriend along. We were talking and the film broke, but I didn’t know it. “The film had been off about five minutes when the owner, Mr. (Roth) Hook, knocked on the door. I was thinking, I’m going to get fired. To make matters worse, in front of my girlfriend,” he said. “But instead of firing me, he offered me a position at WRAG Radio Station as a disc jockey.” At that time Wilder admitted, the only think he knew about radio was that music came from it. But
  24. 25. Wilder quickly familiarized himself with the business, took the name “Mr. T” for Mr. Together, and made a name for himself over the airwaves. He was backed in two nightclubs in the area called “Mr. T’s.” Although both nightclubs had successful beginnings, Wilder said mismanagement forced them to close. In another career move, Wilder moved to Atlanta where he took a management position with a company, but the love of the entertainment world never left him completely and when a want ad appeared in an Atlanta newspaper for a public relations writer, he took action. The subsequent interview for the job at American Media Services will be one Wilder will always remember. It was on that day he was initiated into the business — the hard way. “When I went to be interviewed, the vice president of the company told me the interview would be brief because she had an appointment with “Telly.” I didn’t know who Telly was. Then a few minutes later Telly walks in — Telly Savalas — as in Kojak!” Wilder said he was told if he accepted the position, he would be writing Savalas’ show “Crimebusters.” “After gathering my composure, I accepted the job,” Wilder said. Savalas was only the first of many big-name stars Wilder would meet. American Media Services interviews and promotes such top-name performers as Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Diana Ross and Ray Parker Jr., along with writing the nationally syndicated show “Coast to Coast Top 20” which is heard on more than 300 radio stations throughout the country. Wilder said the most fascinating interview he had conducted was with Michael Jackson — an interview that taught Wilder the true meaning of success and stardom and showed him that being a star is not all glitter and glamour. In that interview Jackson told Wilder, “If I could find someone who loves me for me, I would gladly give up everything I have.” He also explained to Wilder some of the problems he faces as probably the most popular pop entertainer of this decade. “He can’t go out without being mobbed. He is faced with ugly rumors, is constantly being guarded 24 hours a day, and there are too many people depending on him,” Wilder said. But the statement that really hit home with Wilder was Jackson’s confession of a fear that almost every top name performer faces — being popular as long as the records are selling. “Fans are fickle. If he goes down, he goes down alone,” Wilder said. “When Michael told me that, I started to think. This is Michael Jackson — the most popular entertainer in the world saying that being rich and popular is not what it’s cracked up to be,” Wilder said. Jackson’s statements taught Wilder a valuable lesson and were instrumental in changing his attitude about becoming a star. “I once wanted to be a star, but not I’m satisfied with being
  25. 26. around and just handling the stars,” he said with a laugh. Wilder appointed Assistant Writer Britten Wilder III has been appointed as Assistant writer at American Media, Atlanta, GA’s largest black-owned communications firm. Wilder is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a degree in public relations and a minor is pre-law. He is the son of Thomas and Amy Wilder Sr., of Aliceville, AL. Wilder’s job consists of writing for a syndicated media program plus interviewing entertainers for the program.

BrittenWilder-Britten Wilder Best Novel writer in USA Britten Wilder,Britten Wilder is the top Author in the USA

BrittenWilder-Britten Wilder Best Novel writer in USA Britten Wilder,Britten Wilder is the top Author in the USA Britten Britten Wilder-Author

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