Journal Week 1 & 2


This was the first day of class and I was already behind. The class discussed how to balance the five different narratives of life, a reading assigned before the first day. Next, the professor laid out the premises for the book Iliad, a Greek novel that focuses on the short, sad yet exciting life of Achilles and the Gods that influence his demise.


We talked about book one of the book Iliad. Iliad is very interesting and intense but the hardest read. The book, which began as poem to tell the story of Achilles to generation after generation, seemed very crypitc. Therefore, every line I read I had to read again, and then google which gods were which and at what ranking. Honestly, before this class I had no idea who Zeus was, I can not even guarantee I’ve heard that name before, but I kid you not the entire class knew who Zeus was and his importance. At this moment I knew I would need a tutor.


It is day three and more of the book is being read and harder for me to understand. I came to class confused, listened to the questions everyone asked and became more confused, until this boy in the first row translated everything. He put book two through four in common people language and I finally understood the reason people read Greek literature. There was jealousy between the gods, there was war over love, there was brotherly love , there was betrayal, there was intense Greek culture.


I completed the assignment on love that required us to walk through a museum and take pictures that could translate the meaning of love.

I chose self love, hobby love, admiration, and the very brutal “in love” love.

The white ballet.

The photographer explain his love of watching people do what they love. If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life!

The Great Gatsby.

The tragic love story that shows the power of love and how unfair love can be. How one person can be so overwhelmed by love that that person dedicates his/her life to the possibility of that love blossoming, and for the other person to be so underwhelmed by love that they can sacrifice it for material possessions.


Self Love. The artist painted multiple pictures of herself to encapsulate her appearance over time. This was my favorite piece because I believe self love is the most important, “love yourself girl or nobody will”.

I love your hair.

Admiration. This piece shows the love of others in the most innocent of ways, admiration.

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