We’ve seen Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, and Chance the Rapper introduce new methods of music distribution—but they’re following a long line of black artists who have revolutionized the music industry

American music is black music — and vice versa. We can’t begin to comprehend the complexity of the American musical tradition, at least within the past 125 years, without breaking down the contributions of black musicians. Music is born through a ripple effect, a call-and-response method of creation. For black…

“You have to act like you can’t believe anyone is listening to your music.”

“My ambition isn’t necessarily to be the best, but I want to at least be the person to inspire the next best thing,” said Noah Kin. Kin, a 22-year-old producer, DJ, and rapper from Finland, has major ambitions for his music career. …

Britt Julious

Black Girl Feels™. Lifelong party girl. COLUMNIST: Chicago Tribune. WRITER: Esquire, ELLE, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork & others.

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