Your employees went radio silent, that should scare you…

A decent amount of people are intraprenuers, which is really great for a company! They are excited to start their new job/role. Ready to immediately get to work and hit the ground running to showcase WHY you hired them.

But, why all the sudden after a month or two in, did all that vivacious energy disappear? Why did they go silent and stop bringing forth new innovative ways to make things better? It seems all the sudden they have nothing to say anymore…

I’ll tell you why. You have people stunting the growth of your company due to an ego problem and/or you have people in leadership positions who don’t know how to lead. What does that look like you may ask? Let me provide an example:

New Hire — ”I noticed we could do XYZ to improve this process and I have data to back that up after looking into this for a while and talking to other teammates.”

Manager — ”We don’t have time to do that right now” or “You just got here you need to pump the breaks/throttle back”.

This scenario happens over and over and over again, until one day the new hire is just like…F*ck it. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is insanity as we all know, so these employees tend to just give in and throttle back to the point of bare minimum because they are sick of not being able to contribute as they were “supposedly” hired for.

Employee Engagement is something a company wants yet disengaged employees are becoming more and more of an issue. Check this out from GALLUP (2020), “Since employee engagement is highly related to many performance outcomes — even more so in tough times — this unprecedented drop in the percentage of engaged workers has significant potential performance consequences.”

To avoid this lack of engagement we need to start from the beginning & I mean the VERY beginning. Here is what I suggest to consider (from my expertise):

  • Are your business values, mission & vision up to date?

As you see those are all questions. Frankly, you need to answer them (to yourself). After that the game plan needs to happen with the fixes & then take massive action to implement those changes. The longer you wait to fix, the longer it will take to achieve the results and in the mean time you pay lose out on good talent. So, I do not suggest sitting on things that can be remedied with a quickness. You’ll never have the time. However, you do need to MAKE the time.

If you want your employees to stop going radio silent & start making moves to grow your companies success, you have to take action. Utilize your intrapranuers to your advantage (in a positive way)!! Stop sleeping on your employees talent. Don’t allow poor managers to strunt the growth of your company. Should you want help with the finer details, you know you have me to consult.



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