Just like most moms, my life is a hot mess.

I like to think I have it all together, when in reality, that’s a joke. I am a 23 year old wife, toddler boy mom, fur mom of three, and a successful entrepreneur. I used to be anal beyond measure of what my house looked like, having dishes and laundry done at all times, and all my ducks in a row 24/7. Life sure has changed in the past few years!

We have a three year old toddler, and a one and a half year old. We have two Australian Shepherds, and a Morkie. If that doesn’t tell you the daily craziness in our household, I don’t know what will. Working from home is great, but it’s also… well, a disaster. As many days I want to grab a bottle, or 12, of wine, go lock myself in a bathroom and hide out all day, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I am huge on social media, as my husband just doesn’t get it. It’s more less my social life outside of toddler talk and married talk.

I love connecting with other mamas & making new friends. There’s just something about motherhood & knowing we aren’t alone in this roller coaster adventure.
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I’m extremely excited about this new blogging adventure, as you’ll see I DON’T have it all together, I’m sarcastic, opinionated, non filtered/sugar coated, and all of my quirks, faults, and failures to go with it. I look forward to more connecting and relatable relationships. 💞