We worked on the Wetransfer briefing during our ‘business strategy’ module at Hyper Island. We started of with a debriefing (to make sure we all had the same understanding and interpretation of the brief) and formulated 3 questions we would like to ask the target audience to get a better understanding of the underlying problems they faced on a day to day basis.

We then started doing a lot of customer interviews with users of Wetransfer to truly understand their needs. Not just there needs on a desktop but on there mobile phone as well. 
We don’t just need to know ‘what’ our customers need but we need to know ‘why’ they need it. And sometimes that’s something very different, that’s where things get interessting. Out of our interviews one of the insights we found is that people mainly use their desktop to send large files/work. 
And they use there mobile phones to capture experiences on the go. 
Also they feel like they want to be online but they dislike that it can take away from an experience when you’re on your phone and with your face in your screen all the time.

We also asked Wetransfer users the question: If you had a magic wand, what would you like to send trough your mobile phone? 
Out of this question almost everyone replied with: ’I would like to transfer myself’ to either go on holidays for free or to be with someone I love but who lives to far away to name a few examples.

Ideation process/brainstorming.

After we did the customer research we then placed all the information that we had gathered into an empathy map. And after that we started creating a value proposition canvas. After this we started discussing/brainstorming our ideas while keeping the customer pains in mind and this eventually led us to a number of new (beginning) ideas. Here are only a few of those examples:

  • WeTree: We ideated on the WeTree. We believed that the WeTree could be a cool creatively designed tree, which can give WeTransfer a preview/overview of the files and data.
  • WeDashboard: We ideated a dashboard with information on transfers, notifications, postponing expiration and where you can send notifications to people to download the file before it expires.
  • Facial Expression Smileys: You can send and share smileys with your friends that are based on your own facial expressions/emotions at that moment.

Eventually we started working on the customer journey map and we (our team of four) moved on for another ideation/brainstorm session. We always have many of those at Hyper Island and they are too much fun! With this session we wanted to exclude all the obvious: the sending/receiving of files. And think a little bit more outside of the box. This eventually gave us our following and final idea:

Metransfer is a combination of a very personal sharing experience that uses GPS tracking to locate all the information from the location you are at the moment. Once you start up the app and you log in you can put your GPS on and from there it collects all the data from what you have done during that day. That way you create a personalized interactive card with information such as the pictures you took that day, the weather, what music you have listened to and more! We figured out this was the closest way to sending ’you’ While also listening to people’s need for being more online but at the same time: less with your face in a screen and being able to enjoy the moment ’offline!’

For us during this process, it was really important to keep the brand of we-transfer in my mind while still not limiting ourselves in our crazy ideas. 
We found that we transfer was all about sharing but we also realized that people like to share different experiences on their phone then on their desktop. We didn’t just hope to create a great idea for an app but we always hope to spark inspiration in our clients and we want to provide them with usefull insights along the way.