To Be Or Not To Be “The Hip Hop Industry”
Kyra Domonique Williams

Krya, I agree that, in a way, hip-hop has lost some of its culture and art aspects. I also like how you claim, metaphorically, that hip-hop has a soul. By doing so, readers can truly understand what message you are trying to convey. Nowadays, most rapping has become a battle between sex, money, drugs, and women, and songs and lyrics in hip hop seem to be losing value and meaning. But I also think it may be important to mention that not all of hip-hop has “lost its soul.” There are still many rappers out there that rap with meaning and sincerity, and I do believe that they should be noticed. One could compare Nikki Minaj’s song “Truffle Butter” and Drake’s song “Started From the Bottom” and get two totally different ideas of hip-hop music. So I do believe that opinions regarding hip-hop now and in the past are certainly contextualized — that is, it depends what artists and songs you are examining. And, maybe, one should note that this lack of originality and loss of culture you mention is not just found in hip-hop music. It’s found everywhere in society today, including other genres in music. Almost everything nowadays is losing it’s originality and culture.