Who Knew

Who knew?

Who knew that one day I would be thanking you? All the pain and tears I shed over you wouldn’t go to waste. All the sleepless nights, and the endless days, only gave me a better story to tell. It’s as if you were the fire burning away pieces of me until nothing was left, until I had to rebuild from scratch. You taught me more about myself then I had ever known. Those countless hours I spent trapped in your emotional prison, despising you wishing we never met; who knew that would be my fuel.

Everyone has that one person who made you realize how strong you are. Toyed with your emotions. Fumbled your heart. Who knew they would be the catalyst.

I recently started my acting class. I dabbled in it in previous years, however I finally discovered the secret, I finally had an epiphany. My teacher said, “ Acting is using real life emotions in imaginary circumstances.” I had to do a scene, where I was engulfed in anger lightly sprinkled with remorse. I had to be upset I had to be hurt; I had to bring about every emotion I’ve worked so hard to repress. Anyone who knows me usually sees me with a smile on my face. My feelings are only evident, behind closed doors. Prior to this blog I’ve been a very closed off person never letting people know my inner thoughts, my weaknesses my business, nothing. This was a challenge nonetheless. However, the more I thought about you, the more I reminisced of those days the easier it was to do the scene. The easier it was to yell, throw stuff, push my partner and be sincerely hurt. Who Knew?

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. For anyone reading this, just know those nights that seem like they will never end…. They eventually do, time heals all! Tough times don’t last, tough people do. One day, you will be thanking them for they have helped you become…. YOU. Who Knew?

P.S…. if you have a troubled pass, you should try acting, it’s a good way to channel

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