Artist, Roberto Nieto

Into the Forest

Once upon a time, there was a little boy. He liked cats and cars and the color blue. One night, the little boy couldn’t fall asleep. So he got out of bed, put on his shoes, and took a walk into the forest.

The moon was full and the stars were sparkling. The trees were tall and dark green. Suddenly, the boy heard voices singing. As he walked towards the sounds, he came upon a circle of faeries dancing in a grassy clearing.

He asked one of them why they were singing and dancing. She said that they were celebrating the end of their menstrual cycle, which was marked by the full moon. This was an ancient ritual that included all the members of their coffee farm co-op. The founding members were left-handed, breast cancer survivors who adopted orphaned girls and were one with the earth. Being one with the earth meant living a zero-waste composted paleo-vegan-hydroponic-gluten-free fair trade sustainable and environmentally sourced lifestyle.

“Can I be one with the earth too?” asked the little boy.

“Um I don’t think so, only girls are allowed. You can’t understand what we go through. But you can watch. Namaste,” said the faerie. She adjusted her Lululemon© yoga pants and returned to her spot in the circle.

“Why not?” the boy wondered to himself. He continued walking down the forest path thinking about the faerie dance. Occasionally he dropped into a squat and moved his hips like they did. Twerking, they called it.

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