Storytelling Hits Home

When we are watching movies or reading books there is always that part of the story that hits us — that part where we think about how it is or could be similar to our lives. This is what makes watching a movie or reading a book that much more special to us. Storytelling in advertising is no different and a lot of companies have been incorporating this into their marketing efforts lately. Two brands that stick out to me in particular are Apple and Subaru. Both of them use family and growing older as a common theme, whether this focus be on the young or the old. For example, in the Subaru commercial they have focused on a little boy that wants to be an adult and know how to drive, however he comes to realize that growing up and doing adult things are not what he wants. These commercials are very cute and hit home to a lot of people about their own families. It also goes to show that Subaru is all about being you’re your family throughout the years. Again, these marketing strategies are an example of how the company finds a way to relate their products to your life. Although these two companies have done well with storytelling in their advertisements, not all are always successful.

How one tells a story has a huge impact on how it resonates with the audience. Have you ever had those friends that are really good at storytelling and you look forward to hearing what they have to say because they know how to keep you interested. As long as companies know their market and how to relate their products to them, storytelling can be very successful. This is why I think that storytelling is not overused in the world of marketing and advertising. Personally, I believe it can be the most powerful tactic.

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