1-Hour Content Idea Generator

The workshop to come up with new ideas for your content team.

I used to be in charge of all of AJ&Smart’s free content. And boy did we put out a lot of it. Our goal was to create really valuable content, whether it be a video on youtube, a story on Instagram or a post on Medium. But when your content pool is starting to run dry and you’re feeling like, “WHAT ELSE COULD WE POSSIBLY SAY?!” This is the workshop I’ve done, with great success, to muster up some new ideas that will delight your audience no matter what industry you’re in!

*You can also run this workshop solo if you don’t have a team! It’s still very effective.

Before you start: Get the right team together

Make sure you ask the right people to join you for the session. Ideally, in this workshop, you would bring together people from the target group you’re trying to reach. Second best, is a team who knows this target group very well.

If you’re running this workshop with people who aren’t a part of your content team, you’ll need to tell them what “wild success” looks like, to make sure that everyone’s on the same page. IF you don’t know what wild success looks like, you need to take a step back and do a strategy session (more to come on that soon).

Alright, let’s workshop!

Small disclaimer: I focused the workshop on Youtube only, but you could run this for anything, from written content on Medium to posts for Instagram!

Step 1: Who is our audience? (10 minutes)

Give everyone 10 minutes to write down who they think the audience is (or who it could be). Obviously, consider the industry you’re in. Examples for a design agency could be, CEOs, innovation managers, senior product people, etc.

Make sure that your team uses post-its and writes down one audience on each post-it.

Step 2: Vote on the audiences (5 minutes)

Then we vote on the audiences. Have your team put all of their post-its up on the whiteboard. Give each person 3 voting dots and get them to vote on the audiences they think are the biggest and most engaged. Give everyone 5 minutes to read the post-its and vote.

Frame this as, “this audience would help us achieve wild success”

Step 3: What are their challenges? (15 minutes)

Take the top voted 3–5 audiences (depending on the amount of audiences that came out of step 2).

Put them across the top of the white board.

Give the team 15 minutes to think of and write down the challenges that each individual audience is facing. What are they struggling with? What are their most common questions? What are they hoping to achieve next in their careers?

Step 4: We vote again! (5 minutes)

Give each person on the team 5 voting dots each and put 5 minutes on the timer. Vote on the challenges that we could help our audience solve better than anyone else.

Think: “What challenges can we solve better than anyone else?”

Step 5: Turn challenges into video ideas (15 minutes)

Now we’re taking the top voted 5 challenges and using those as the frame for producing video ideas.

Line up the top voted challenges on the whiteboard (just as we did with the audiences)

Under each challenge, get the team to write as many video ideas that would help our audience with this particular challenge.

I asked the participants to come up with a clickable first draft of a title to make my job easier later!

This picture was taken after we voted (step 6) but you get the idea.

Step 6: The Final Vote (5 minutes)

The last step is to vote on the video ideas that sound most interesting and that you think we could execute well. This is the key. Make sure to frame this to your participants as, “what would you like to see on Youtube?” or “what would our audience get most excited about?”

After running a 1-hour workshop, I got 8 GREAT new ideas for our Youtube channel. The beauty is, this workshop can also be used for almost anything as long as you come up with a structure that makes sense for your needs!

Have any more ideas for how to generate content ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more work related fun stuff @brittnibow and to share this article if you think it might be useful to a colleague or friend!

Also, I host a fun podcast about work and careers called, Happy Hour: Career Talk! My colleague Penny and I drink wine and talk about work. You can listen to that here:




I do standup comedy and I’m a brand & content strategist. I host the podcast “Happy Hour: Career Talk”, a show where we drink wine and talk about work.

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Brittni Bowering

Brittni Bowering

I do standup comedy and I’m a brand & content strategist. I host the podcast “Happy Hour: Career Talk”, a show where we drink wine and talk about work.

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