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It’s so extremely hard to comprehend the whole of a relationship when it comes to end, especially when you don’t see it coming. We’re left examining all the memorable times, picking apart fights and mundane days, wondering:

when did it turned for the worst?
which straw broke the camels back?
what didn’t we even notice or realize?

We get stuck in this realm of brokenness because there are no answers to fill the massive voids.

I think we break so hard and fast because of all the open-ended questions and doors slammed closed. It’s all of the ‘what if’s’ and…

God am I tired…
No amount of sleep
Can energize me
For the unknown that I seek
For the mud that I trudge
For to the ugliness
That crowds the streets

But I am tired…
Because the pain means I’m growing
And though it might not be showing
I am hurdling obstacles
and crushing impossible
and pushing myself to the brink
it’s my instinct

But I am still really tired…
From all the noise
And all the lights
And the thoughts that keep me up at night
And the ones that play
in my head all day

I’m exhausted…
from entertaining

because you always have + you always will.


Sometimes you just have to trust that you’ll figure it out.

I have put my faith in so many other sources — God, the universe, him, my mom, the universe…

but for all the times I have asked for guidance, for advice, for help, for an answer or a sign, I have never asked myself. I’ve told myself that it was going to be OKAY, but thinking back to all the night I have spent in a dark room, I have never said — “you already know what to do; you’ll figure it out

So to avoid any more…


I’m glad I remember
I’m glad that I have our memories
because they shape me

Our experiences are who we are…
Our actions
Our interactions with others

I am what I have done.

I am not my money
I am not my hair color
Or my jean size

My memories are me.
They are my life in pixels
that make up this picture you see

My life is compressed in silent flashes.
I see places and people and clothes
and conversations in my head
in between the seconds of my present,
I see my past in times of quiet


Make Your Love Known

There is so much death.
It’s hard to comprehend the permanence of it.
The destruction of it, until it happens to you.

There is so much death happening around me and I’m here, watching people try to learn to live half full lives and watching people go completely numb because their reason for living has exploded and they can’t find the pieces to make themselves whole again. They get lost in the loss.

We all mean something to someone. Parent. Spouse. Sibling. Friend. I find myself thinking about people that I’ve never met, or barely knew, and I send small…

listen to this low while you read

She’s beautiful. That’s her husband John. She was in her early 20's when she got married and began her life. Everything going according to plan. She had a son named Bobby. And then he died of cancer at 10 and she became one of the strongest women I have ever come to know.

She survived it.

kind of...
His bedroom still looks the same. “Bobby’s Room” sign still on the door of the home she continues to live in 60 plus years later.

(Don’t quote me-I haven’t gotten confirmation on the years.)


Mindful journaling may seem self-explanatory, but many do not know the benefits or where to begin. After I did my own search, I found a great way to define this practice.

Mindful journaling is the act of expressively examining what is in your head and in your heart.

Mindful journaling is meditative writing. It is asking yourself why you feel a certain way (anger, happiness, frustration, love) and then let it go . . . out of your head and onto the paper. It is asking yourself about yourself, and in turn, you get to know who you really are…

written with Beatles song titles

Hey Jude,

It’s been a hard day’s night being without you. I tell everyone I feel fine, but from me to you — I’m so tired of pretending I’m fine. I try to get by with a little help from my friends, but they don’t understand. They can’t help!

I know we can work it out, come together. We just have to let it be. Let go of our pasts. I’ve got to get you into my life, girl.

You really got a hold on me…

I would swim the galaxy, across the universe, yesterday, tomorrow, eight days a week

You Are Everything and More


This phrase everywhere.

Pinterest quotes
Tumblr gifs.
The caption of every yoga video on Instagram and self-help book in the aisle.

But I’m not entirely convinced that we are helping the way we think we are.

Self-Love. That’s the goal. We need our young men and women to love who they are — that part is easy — but by perpetuating this phrase, I think, we may be leading our lost, without a breadcrumb trail out of the woods — to change and growth.

You are Enough

I really do believe it has positively impacted the lives…

Our mind sends signals and impulses to our body but what signals our mind ?
How is our train of thought decided?

Maybe our heart has a mind of its own…

Our brain signals us what to feel
While our heart tells us what to think

A constant cycle
A repetitive chain reaction
Signals bouncing back and fourth
Tug of war on our heart strings

I think that’s why we have such a hard time finding true love.

We don’t need a perfect matching pair, but a compliment.

Someone who bobs when you weave. Who cooks, when you clean.

Some people think with their hearts and some feel with…

Brittany Nowicki

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