The Minimalists Game: January 28

Day 28 of @theminimalists Game: 28 More Random Items.

We’re nearing the end. But I still find myself pulling things out each day or so. Over this month I’ve found myself releasing my attachment to things.

Like Fredbird.

I’ve had him for 11 years. I got him in 2006, the first year the new Busch Stadium was open, at the new Build-a-Bear Workshop inside. What a lot folks don’t know is that I’m a huge St. Louis @cardinals fan. I grew up in St. Louis, so I couldn’t not be a fan. It’s ingrained in you from birth.

But back to Fredbird. He’s graced my desk for 11 years. In pristine condition. But why? To remind me that the Cards won the World Series that year? I remember that night so vividly as I climbed the gate just after Wainwright threw the final pitch, a strike, for the last out of the top of the 9th inning against the Tigers.

See. I don’t need Fredbird to remind me of that. Or any game. Even that night in 2011 as I drove to Denver to move here. It was October 28th. The final game of the World Series against the Rangers. I listened to the game on my car radio in my Ford Fusion as I crossed the state border, leaving Kansas and finally arriving in Colorado.

They won that night. I like to think of it as their going away present for me.

Those moments feel like yesterday. And no “thing” is going to bring me closer to it than the actual memories of them.