The Politics of an Agency Blog Post

In my years often acting as the driving force and editor behind an agency’s social channels and blog, I’ve come to learn this: We are our own worst client.

It’s no secret that agencies will often put internal projects on the back burner to focus on the client work that drives revenue (and rightfully so). But, if you’re not spending the time to focus on those internal projects, it’s inevitable that new business will suffer in some capacity.

And, when it comes to the blog, no agency owned channel suffers more. Why? Because, not only do we not have the time to write that blog post, but there are hot client projects with a higher priority, and most notably, too many people have an opinion for us to even agree on a topic. It’s for these very reasons that many agencies have opted to nix the company blog altogether.

In a world where content is said to be a $300 billion industry by 2019, shouldn’t we heed the advice we preach to our clients?

By producing regular content, the agency is set to benefit. Whether attracting new business leads, improving SEO, acting as a thought leader, or enticing new (and smart) talent, there is clear support for a blog’s existence.

But all of this means nothing if the agency doesn’t make it a priority. Even more so, it means nothing if the agency doesn’t empower its employees to write about topics they’re passionate about.

Yes, the content should ladder up to a business objective. Yes, consideration should be given to keywords to boost SEO. Yes, employees should be able to write their own posts (with help from a copywriter, if needed).

But, if leadership continues to be the gatekeeper on absolutely every blog post, no progress will be made and frustrations will ensue.

So, this is my call to remove the politics out of the agency blog. Trust that your employees are thought leaders and their knowledge only advances the knowledge of the agency.

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