Years ago, my mom “forced” me to write thank you notes to everyone who gave me a birthday gift.

I hated it.

Mostly because I felt like I was being “forced” to do it.

But, as I got older, I learned to appreciate the art of sending a note to others. Maybe it was fueled by the fact at 13 I never received mail, so when I did? It was a BFD.

Cut to today. I LOVE paper. As in, I love designing stationery for friends, myself, holidays, birthdays, weddings. But, mostly I love receiving mail.

In an age where snail mail is dying, I want nothing more than to send cheer straight to your PO box.

But, even more, sending a handwritten note just feels like that special something that never happens today.

Think about it. You open the mail box, and mixed with Sundays ads and the other junk mail is a golden envelope, with a clever label or calligraphed salutation, only to find a kind note from that friend you’ve been meaning to call.

So, you think holiday cards are hokey? Sorry friends, holiday mail is the best. In fact, snail mail is the best, especially when it’s sealed by the smudged signature by anyone, even the friend you haven’t talked to since high school.

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