When you find your passion, stopping is not an option.

I knew the time would come and I would feel the desire to express my journey so far, well truthfully I think this is secretly a blog I am writing for myself as I reflect on how far I have come as I embrace the next 7o days, 70 days that requires my pure commitment to a goal I set for myself. A journey that absorbs my every move, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. I can’t quiet explain it. I can’t explain to others why I wake up at 3am before daybreak to work towards competing in my first IFBB bikini competition coming up in July. To some that is complete absurdity whilst working full time but to me its all I know to do. I feel complete gratitude when I wake in the mornings and I have the ability to run, skip, to jump and to lift heavy weights. I am grateful, my attitude is gratitude and I will be forever thankful for the simple things in life.

It’s been 71 days since I begun ‘ comp prep’ with a professional online coach, Chris Williams from Limitless Training, what a star! I am so thankful I started with a coach that didn’t deprive me of anything my body needs. I eat 7 meals a day and I myself have learnt just how my body reacts and it fascinates me. I found my passion for health & fitness a few years ago now when I was at a cross road and wasn’t sure which road to take.

I spent a few years just enjoying what I thought was delivering me the best results possible for my body but I honestly didn’t have a clue. Prior to training with Chris I was severely under eating, I didn’t actually feel hungry nor did I realise but ‘ guessing’ is not the right way to go. If you are just starting out on your journey to a healthier life I can’t urge enough how important the correct diet is no matter what your goal is, we all have knowledge in different areas leave it to the professionals when it comes to your health.

I am constantly asked ‘How do you stay so committed’ ? Since the beginning of changing my lifestyle to one that reflected self love I hadn’t felt anything in my life that I was completely and utterly passionate about. That is literally the be all and end all, I LOVE self growth and the fulfilment I feel when I not only work on my physique but the strength within my mind.

Every single person that goes through prep experiences different things, feels a different way and no two journeys are the same. I am going to be completely honest with the truth behind my own personal experience thus far. I have never had a day where I didn’t want to train according to my plan. I actually find that pretty cool that in 70 days I have never wanted to skip a set or cut my workout short. I absolutely thrive inside those 4 walls that are full of iron and hungry individuals striving for excellence, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by that? I spent 1.5- 2 hours most days at the gym and there is no place I would rather be. On the good days its great, on the bad days its great… so I guess its great!

The structured meal plans can be tough- Okay so you have to accept that if you want to remain social you will have to take your plastic container off to breakfast with your friends and you have to sit and watch them indulge in all of your favourite foods that you havn’t had for months, its fine .. no big deal! haha. Okay, so it can be really, really hard but it does become the norm. In the last 70 days I have caved a few times with dark chocolate and to much XO crunch here and there but considering the amount of time its been I am not to hard on myself for it. I am lucky that my diet didn’t change to drastically as I previously ate similar foods anyway.

Life goes on in comp prep and you just have to make it work. I have just moved away from what was routine to start my next chapter with my partner in crime by my side. I made the decision to progress in my career, move 1 hour down the road and start at a new gym. All three of those things are pretty big for me and adjusting and finding my feet through a period that requires 110% commitment can be tough but remembering why I started is what drives me. I have found that being female we can experience 1200 emotions in a day ( some would argue more) and each emotion brings a different reaction. For some, its wanting to eat an entire pizza and for others it’s retail therapy whatever it is we can’t always do and have what we want when striving for a goal, a physique goal in particular.

Regardless of your goal it is so important that you don’t just have the end result in mind but give yourself a pat on the back for the progress you have you achieved. I have days where I think to myself ‘ good on you Brit’ and some days where I say ‘ you could have done more today’. Be kind to yourself because we are all human beings and not everyday will be perfect but they key to success in my eyes is perseverance when the hard days come… and they do.

I believe so many of us have a fear of failure so do not always set out to achieve the things they want to. I can honestly say at this point, on a rainy Saturday afternoon whilst listening to the rain hit the roof as I breathe in utter peace and calmness that I already feel like I have won. I feel like I have won as the day’s pass and I put my all into that day. I still remember back a few months when I got my first set of scales to measure my food and it seemed at the time like the biggest mission, now it’s the norm. It just goes to show that consistency and effort always make life easier.

For all of those that want something, that think about something day in day out please don’t waste another day. Life is very short, we hear it all the time but it honestly is. You are capable of so much more then you think and when you take the jump to give it your all you may blow your own mind.

No matter what your goal, do something everyday that works towards it. The key to happiness is progress and if you feel progress everyday happiness follows. You need to make your own decisions about what it is you want and you can’t get stuck because your’e comfortable. Your comfort zone is a great place but nothing ever grows from there. You need to be scared and you need to do it anyway. You need to push past the limits you set for yourself and live up to your potential.

For all the constant support, thank you. It is my time to work and I will not give up. To my partner, my friends and my family thank you for being there for me. To all those that are thinking about starting something that is challenging do it ! Do it and make a mistake then do it again. If you still make a mistake just do it again, and again because as I previously said progress equals happiness. Find your happy.

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