Flaunting Your Flaws

The most attractive trait in humans is our rough edges. I don’t mean physical traits, I mean those personality ones. People are like velcro, our hooks don’t connect to other hooks, we need loops. Relationships at any level involve a degree of give and take and people innately want to give. We like to fill a gap but so many put so much polish on their image, their title, their bio, their story, it’s staged, inauthentic. When we meet people who cover up so much, we find no real connection point and move on. We need to see flaws in others. We find sanctuary in knowing some about others’ miscalculations, stumbles, they having more questions than answers, humility, and apology. Imperfections make us approachable and being approachable is the the first requirement for relationship.

It’s the social era after all and those that build the best relationships win and really winning takes sharing a little losing once in a while.