Is Your Organization Preventing People from Learning?

We often think that in organizations we first need to establish departments, programs and classes to help people learn. The fact is people learn all the time; in their work, their relationships, in their observations. But organizations can unconsciously stifle the learning that matters most, the ability to continuous learn. Ask yourself:

“Do our people understand how their work fits in? More importantly, do they know how it fits into other people’s work?”

Why this matters- It’s demotivating to think of work as pointless and/or disconnected to others and a bigger purpose.

“Do we reward & recognize sharing and collaborating or only outputs and outcomes?”

Why this matters — If the organization values individualism and competition then people won’t give readily.

“Are employees cautious when talking to and around leadership?”

Why this matters — an Us v. Them belief is a sure sign of distrust and distrust breeds discontent.

If we put half the energy into removing barriers between people that we put into developing formal learning solutions, we’d have more time, more money, more engagement, and more know-how than ever.