My Ordinary World

Currently, my daily joy would be having a clean house because life gets hectic with three kids, especially with the two younger ones who are eighteen months and four. They both like to get into everything, in which me and my eldest, who is ten, end up cleaning. I am real grateful for her because she helps me a lot.

My daily challenge would be waking up every morning. I love my bed so much that i dislike leaving it for the whole day, or until i take a nap, which is rarely. I’ll lay in bed for the longest time and when the time says 8:00 am. I get up and rush around to get ready. Around that time its just me and the two youngest ones because my husband and older daughter are out the door by 8.

The difference this year for me from last year would be that my kids are a year older. Which means they are learning more and asking questions. My son gets into everything. He loves to climb and its scary at times because sometimes we forget to put the sharp objects away. I wonder how he hasn’t fallen off the tables and counters. My monkey boy has me at my toes. Last year he was just learning to sit.

For the following year, I’d like to be more organized because my little family will be welcoming another baby in May, two thousand seventeen. So that means I have to get as much school work done. Especially if I want to graduate from adult upgrading and get my high school diploma.