Journey of the Universe Journal #4

The topic of passion in this book is an awkward and strange topic to discuss, but it is just. The fertilization of fish eggs with sperm is a process that does not require any physical interactions between the parents. Once reptiles evolved, however, this process because more complex with the addition of sex organs. It is hard to understand that it is possible to create offspring without any physical contact, and it is not something that I have given much thought to previously.

It is difficult to understand that the very first forms of reproduction occurred asexually, because for the most part we are only subjected to sexual reproduction unless we are in biology class. Sexual selection is an even more foreign subject, again, outside of biology, because humans do not consciously undergo sexual selection, but it some ways we do.

I have learned from past classes that generally, we find people more attractive when they have symmetry. This might be why we find moles and other deformities unattractive. Now I know that we also have media showing us what the definition of beautiful or handsome is, but we have this favor for symmetry as well. Animals do not have the luxury of just finding a mate with a good personality though, they are looking for a mate who will provide their offspring with the best chance of surviving.

This book is becoming slightly less interesting to me, but I still do not have a hard time reading the chapters. Chapter eight talks about the origin of the human, which is not something that I agree with at all. The man that you showed us in class who practiced the Catholic religion and was involved in science gives me incredible peace of mind, but I still struggle with the concept in general. Some of these topics that are discussed in class and in this book make it hard for me to accept both my religion and scientific theory. I feel like I have to be two different people: a devoted Catholic most of the time, and a believer in the theory that we evolved over time from a single celled organism the rest of the time. This concept is hard for me to deal with sometimes, especially in this class. For this reason, it almost makes this part of the book hard to read because it goes against my beliefs.

Consciousness is a strange concept to think about. I, of course, believe that we were given the gift of life from God, and that is why animals and other organisms do not share the same type of level of thinking that we do. In this book, it talks about how we have become conscious beings through evolution. If that is true, why haven’t other animals who have been around as long as we have, if now longer developed the same level of higher thinking that we have?

I think that it is great that we have the ability to be such mindful and aware creatures, but I do not think that it all happened because of a series of genetic mutations. As a science major, I definitely believe in descent with modification, as Darwin described it. But I do not as readily believe that we as humans underwent that same process because we are simply too different from any other creature.