Journey of the Universe Journal #5

As I quickly approach the end of the book, I feel the need to reflect on what is has taught me. I am happy that I read the book, but not in the way that most probably are. It provided me with a greater understanding on why I believe in God, and how that changes my outlook on life compared to people who do not believe.

The ninth chapter opens with a quote saying

“Every place we went, we became that place”

which really stuck out to me. It shows how impressionable we are as humans, and that we are constantly looking for someone or something to follow. The book talked about how we followed deer around and pretended to be like them at one point. This strikes me as a unique type of survival trait that I have not heard too much about.

The start of the formation of communities and civilization was a huge turning point for our species. This type of organization was not something previously executed to the same extent. As we grew, our lifestyle became more advanced, and with that came the rise of math and science.

Our fascination with these two subjects fueled the discovery of many on the science and math things that we know today. We have now managed to change the universe in a way that was thought to never be possible. Huge farms cover the land of once a prime habitat for animals which have been forced out of their homes. We are able to dodge things such as carrying capacity which severely damage normal populations that we observe in the wild.

It has just hit me how inconsiderate I can be towards the environment. I don’t go out of my way to destroy the environment, but I still however have an impact on it. That’s what I think most of the world is doing. They are not consciously saying “I’m going to go destroy the environment today” but they do it unconsciously.

The concept of time is an interesting topic. I watched a documentary once on how we have become so accurate with telling time, that the world does not match up because the planet is not perfect. Even though the range of inaccuracy is only nanoseconds, it still makes a difference in the scheme of things.

The book discussed multiple times throughout how scientists always had a hard time coming out with a new discovery, because when they did they were ridiculed for doing so. It is sad that people we once so closed minded at one time, and it is comforting to know that people are becoming more accepting of new ideas.

I watched something one time about how breast cancer used to be treated 100% of the time through the surgical removal of the entire breast as well as the tissues and muscle surrounding it. The first doctor to go against the norm was hated for thinking in a different way. After many trials, he proved that the entire breast did not need to be removed, because that is not the way that cancer spreads.