Being a Realtor® Is A Zero-Sum Game!

Like it or not, there will be a fixed number of real estate transactions in your target area in any given timeframe.

People buy, sell, upsize, downsize, invest, liquidate real estate based on their needs and economic conditions. Being a Realtor® is more of a zero-sum game than one would think. More Realtors® entering the market means there’s even more forks trying to get a piece of the same pie.

The harsh reality of competition for Realtors® in any major city

You don’t grow the pie — the economy does.

No matter how great of a Realtor® you are, you do not grow the pie. Population change, macroeconomic conditions of job creation/migration, and price increase/decrease of a local market are the key factors in HOW MUCH REAL ESTATE will be bought/sold in any given timeframe.

You and every other Realtor® is going for it.

With more real estate agents entering the fray in many major cities across North America, competition is heating up even further — for a pre-determined size of a pie, real estate agents have even more colleagues to compete against. The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver reports over 14,000 Realtors® actively licensed.

Stand Out Online & Offline Through Effective Marketing

One of the ways to take more of the pie is through effective branding & marketing. A well-designed consistent real estate branding scheme is essential to this. “I will get branding done later, this seems it’s for bigger agents!” is one of the worst mistakes real estate agent make, as it can cost more cash down the road, as well as cost heavily on opportunity cost lost. Individual branding is even more important for small businesses with lots of competing entities.

Stemming from branding is your print & digital marketing

We run a real estate marketing team that streamlines the process from branding & logo development, to mobile-responsive websites, as well as print & digital media design for full-coverage. We want to make sure our clients look great, present well, and be remembered longer (brand awareness) to keep growing their real estate businesses.

Future articles will cover other specifics such as:

  • How we design our print media and how they can be leveraged
  • Social media post design ideas and how to maximize them
  • Website navigation design to improve pageviews-per-visit
  • MLS® Reciprocity and IDX integration and its benefits
  • Our angle on real estate branding & logo design

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Bonus: Defining Zero-Sum Games, Win-Win Games, and Lose-Lose Games: