Boost Your Existing Blog with Medium

Boost Your Blog Traffic

If you have ever felt that you are drowning in the sea of blogs, you are exactly right…sorry.

You might be checking all the right boxes: quotes from other writers, links to other sites, original content, non-stock photos, use of numbers in your title, unique style, perfect spelling and grammar….but still a disappointing lack of traffic.

According to writer Louis Chew in his article How to Attain Top Writer Status on Medium, “It is often said blogging success is 20% writing and 80% promotion.”

Sharing your blog post on all of your personal social media platforms is an obvious way to boost traffic. But, if you haven’t heard of and are not using Medium, you are missing a big gorgeous boat.

At first glance you might think that you need to copy and paste your blog posts into Medium, which can be tedious, or worse yet write original posts just for Medium.

This little dilemma has already been solved, here’s what you do:

Step 1: Your natural inclination would be to click “Write a story” — WRONG, click your profile picture and then “Stories”

Tutorial — Importing Existing Blog Articles into Medium

Step 2: From the Stories screen, you are then given an option to “Import a Story”

Tutorial — Importing Existing Blog into Medium

Voila, you are now going to be walked through 3 steps and given a chance to edit your post before it is published. Any links that exist in your original post will automatically be re-linked in your Medium post. I add fresh pictures, as Medium was not able to grab pictures, but that’s pretty minimal work.

Now, here’s the best part: an automatic link to your website/blog… say hello to more traffic and more google juice!

Tutorial: How to Link Your Blog directly to Medium