CEGA Finance

  • Yields keep decreasing as institutional players enter the market.
  • Option trading products available at the moment lack the strategic diversity.
  • Unsatisfying user interface of the available products.
  • Derivative platforms are complex and therefore — not very useful for ordinary users.

The dissemination of CEGA token

The significant pay source will comprise of exchanging commission, protection and token-utilization.
CEGA expects to interface each conceivable cryptographic money under one rooftop. So when you’re up to speed experiencing the same thing when your desired pair to exchange isn’t presented in your trade or in any trade whatsoever — you simply open CEGA, interface your wallet and you’re all set!
As the time goes — the engineers will continue to introduce more elements to their item.


The financing round has been driven by “Dragonfly Capital Partners”, with “Pantera” turning into the second biggest financial backer and accomplice. CEGA shut the subsidizing round at assessed $60 million. There have been numerous speculations from organizations like Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research and others. Furthermore, an enormous number of holy messengers have put resources into the task.


Before long, testnet will be at last sent off! It’s as yet muddled when precisely, so we really want to follow the news in the authority Discord. Likewise, you ought to genuinely attempt to get a job! It will assume a major part in whether you become fruitful due to CEGA or you stay where you are on the grounds that you are languid. You can get a job by composing articles or deciphering them, by making craftsmanship, by being a functioning individual from the local area, and so on. Assuming you’re keen on crypto — you know how everything functions.



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