Here’s a response to Trump.

Something I’m doing …

First, I’m not convinced this election turned on a bunch of angry white voters, since they’re a small legion out there since the 1970s.

But I do think there’s a split between the coasts and inland. If newspapers like the NY Times and SF Chronicle have deteriorated, the central state papers are really ragged. How do people there have any idea of what’s going on?

What I do is pick a state, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, etc., and find their biggest circulating newspapers. Wikipedia does it for every state, I think. I go to a paper’s website, and find a Trump-related story. Sometimes there’s a lot of college sports and local news first.

Most stories let people comment; few have more than a couple. So I’ll read the story, and maybe read up on what it’s about elsewhere. Then I write a comment that summarizes issues, from a perspective that cuts through the “false balance” and silly quotes the stories often have.

It’s not about lecturing. It’s about offering a view, with facts, that people aren’t getting. Maybe these papers are struggling for circulation, but they still have hundreds of thousands, or millions, of readers. If 1% see my comment, that’s a lot more than read this post — and they’re not in “my bubble.”

Yes, I believe that 100 million people can be very, very, wrong, and follow someone fundamentally evil. And they may benefit from a severe tongue lashing. But these newspaper comments aren’t the place for that — these are an opportunity to do something about the impoverished information environment the middle country is in. It’s treating the cause of sickness, not telling them to get over it.

Although I’m not, and you may not, be part of the 100 million wrong, there are many ways these people may be very good. They may be volunteer firemen, work 2 or 3 shifts, care for sick parents, and exhibit other fine behaviors. We all suffer from the paucity of robust, reliable news media, and they more than most.

So if you care to join in the middle American newspaper comment effort, do so from a place of generosity. If you do, it may prove to be a subtle, but effective, method.