Little Lord Fauntleroy

Trump on Face the Nation

Watched Trump on Face the Nation. He was petulant, often incoherent, insulting, with a Fauntleroy expression. He repeats lies, which apparently his supporters believe are just, even when confronted with contradictory facts. Every President gets audited, and every President releases his tax returns. But Donald says he’s being audited, “very unfair”, and can’t. Did the Russians intervene? He’s not going to argue with the intellegence agencies, but his campaign hing to do with Russians. Even Devon Nunez would disagree.

The health care bill is trouble. Even die hard supporters don’t want to die hard. The GOP’s base, wealthier and very wealthy Americans, live behind gates and don[‘t worry about corpses in alleyways. But Trump’s base is a lot closer to them. He said “”The competition is going to drive down the premiums in my opinion much much more than people understand.” That’s aimed at his base, and most of them won’t buy it. Even a moron understands insurance companies have the wrong incentives when it comes to medical care.

Trump said stuff that matters. He wants China to push N. Korea so much, he said he’ll let China get away with trade advantages. That’s half his campaign speeches down the drain. He got a phone call from the Mexican President, and decided not to back out of NAFTA. He said Kim Jung Un is a “smart cookie,” and, weirdly, said he became a leader at a young age, and had to deal with powerful elders like his uncle and generals. Since Kim had his uncle assassinated, that’s a window on Trump’s thinking. There’s generals and advisers he’d like to get rid of.

Trump’s capitulation to China’s Xe, whom he says he has a wonderful relationship with, his fondness for Mexico and Canada’s presidents, his appreciation of Putin, and now this Valentine for Kim, show what kind of man Trump is. He sees himself as head man of a very special club, where peers don’t snicker and he’s got the most resources. As the host with the most, he’s starting the party optimistically, all expectation. It confirms his view of history, an adolescent, great man version, in which only Kings and Presidents matter.

He’s like one of Europe’s 18th century royals, all fluff and bluster, neither smart nor wise. Napoleon cut through them like butter.