I am a reflection of you.

“I am often told that I am a complicated person — bipolar maybe. For I flaunt so many facets that are incomprehensible to many. Yet, I am as simple and clear as a mirror, as the reflection of what you display in a clear lagoon. Offer love and respect in exchange of my love and respect and I am the dearest, sweetest and the best person you will ever meet — someone who will never give up on you no matter what. Offer disrespect, take me for granted and squash me under your feet while I exhibit feelings for you and watch me slowly let loose of the rein that holds me close to you, tramp on you and walk away forever without turning back once. Then do not be surprised if someday I walk past you and do as if I never knew you. I am as simple cause I am a reflection of you.” — Benazir Mungloo

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