I killed someone. (Abortion)

Dripping tears from the eyes,
Nothingness in the mind,
I seemed to have an amalgamation,
My stomach twitched itself as if about to outburst,
Nothing on the rail to quench that domineering thirst,
I looked to my right to find the plan B pill,
As though it suddenly had the power to make me miserable after this engulfing thrill,
A kick in the tummy and I was about to burst,
What kind of punishment was this that would never rust?
Engraved on my forehead was the title slaughterer,
As if it was written for me to someday be a murderer,
I glanced at the mirror and all I found was a dead woman,
Sitting immaculately with nothing around,
Though screeching with pain circling through the spine,
Today was surely the definite end,
Today I killed a part of me with my own hand.

-Benazir Mungloo

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