What you want, What you need

I learned over the years the differences of a want and a need.

In our nation people many wants things because they seen that others have it. Take for instance, smart cell phone, new name brand clothing, new shoes, or new home. Life don’t work that way. If life don’t work the way people wants it to work for them they have a fussy fit. There are many people who was raised with a silver spoon in their mouths and they have been given everything they ask for.

I want this, I want that. Now don’t misunderstand what I am about to share. I believe if someone work hard and earn their paycheck every week and spend their paycheck foolishness, because the spend on wants. Children who sees something on a television commercial that is advertisement a new toy, a cell phone, computer, whatever else, our adopted grandchildren parents goes through their children clothing, toys and what not and ends up in the trash. Spending may be hundreds of dollars on the item, they play or have used for a few times, got tired of it so what does item does, well it is either sitting in a closet, stored away in the attic, or storage room.

Growing up around the holidays in our home, I received gifts from every topic: one gift that was reading, one gift that may have been a new dress which by the ways were handmade by the hands of my grandmother, a pair of new shoes, I owned two pair of shoes, one I wore outside to play in, one pair that was my Sunday best shoes, I had a few Sunday best dresses, a few dresses to play outside. A want is something that a person desires but don’t really actual need.


Needs are what we all need to survive to live. Food, heat, clothing, shoes, beds, water, other needs to live to keep our bodies function to be healthy. A need is something that is useful and a person has to have. Example: we need food to nutritious our bodies, we need water so people would not dehydrate, we need homes to live in to protect against against harsh winters, hot humid summers, we need clothing to cover our naked bodies, we need doctors, nurses, hospitals, to help us healthy.

Wants: are desires that we wish we can have but can live without. Sometimes we don’t get what we wish for, what we want. God says, he will provide all our “NEEDS”, not our wants. Moral of this story that I am trying to point out, “Count Your Blessings” Be thankful for what you have. Remember God blesses us so we are able to bless others who are unfortunate. Every year I do a spring clean up, or a fall clean up, I will go through my clothing, my shoes and through my whole house and what is still good and haven’t wore for awhile I donate to our community clothing bank and I donate my books to the Christian Missions.

I don’t need twenty pair of shoes, or boots, or clothing sitting in my closet and not being worn sitting and fading away. I have a few dresses that are about ten years old that were given to me from friends and family. I am happy what little I got and it may not be a mansion, or expensive name brand clothing but I am content what I have. I create a lot of my clothing, I crochet my own scarfs and head-coverings. I shop at Thrift stores, yard sales, I do much shopping in physical stores, like Macy’s, Walmart’s, Kmart’s, unless they have a big sale going on and I only buy what I need or getting low of.

Are you a smart shopper? Do you shop at yard sales? Think about this, wants ends up in our land fills, and ends up being sold at yard sales having to sell items lesser what you spend on the necessarily want, where needs are old worn out but still able to useful. Old T-shirts can be cut up and used for rags, around my home nothing goes to waste. If I ever receive a new item I would be beside myself but very appreciated of the gifts I receive from friends and family.