Influencers matter in your business too

This month Brndstr celebrated its second birthday — the day was packed with cake, swag, friends and even more cake. As a tech startup, turning 2 felt good — over the past couple of years we have been hard at work developing our products, growing our team and expanding our list of exciting partnerships with some of the world's most influential brands.

Each week one of the team at Brndstr use our Medium page to share thoughts and experiences about the startup, creative-tech space. As the CEO and founder of the company I wanted to talk this week about how influencers not only matter in the social space, but are also vital to your internal business space too. I am going to share my experiences on how having influential people on your team gives you the best possible chance of success.

2 years ago Brndstr was nothing more than an idea — we had no brand, no staff and no clients. Just under 25 months later we have operations in 3 countries, a team of over 12 staff, awesome brand and solid list of 40+ clients from all over the globe. As with any startup getting here required a lot of hard work, team effort and focus — however without having the sound boards to lean on and influencers internally we would not be where we are today.

When you say influencer these days you immediately think of the YouTube sensations PewDiePie, Zoella or Social Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Ashton Kutcher — the term influencer is used a lot when brands are looking at marketing campaigns or launching new products.

When running a business and especially one that’s in startup mode — influencers means something a little different. The most important part to any company is the team, the wrong hires can sink your ship, but hire wisely and you can rocket to the moon. At Brndstr when the time comes to hire I personally get heavily involved. In the early days you are small, like a family and therefore need power players to join you that can ‘influence’ others and help drive the business forward. Being influential does not mean you need to have 1m+ views on YouTube or 20m+ followers on Twitter. If you are able to join a new group of people and bring with you skills and experiences that can help shape the way a business works, you too are influential.

As a Creative-Tech business Brndstr has a solid team of engineers, from design to software these guys are at the heart of what makes the products evolve into great business solutions for brands. Bringing new influential people into the team who can suggest what management tools to use, or system architecture to create all help make your business stronger and ready for scale.

This too can be said for the business side — Bringing people to the team who have years of experience, powerful address books and are ‘influential’ in their own networks helps put your business in front of people that may not have been accessible before. In addition your processes and procedures that your newly established business has may not always be the most efficient so having people influence how these can improve too helps your growth.

Lastly for me as a spearhead to the company, having an influential team of board members who can advise, evaluate and comment on the direction you are sailing your ship are too extremely important. In most cases a startup board is made up of the founder members and it is true to say that these minds are not always fully equipped to be influential too. Being able to bring in new ‘advisors’ and grow your board means that having influential power around the table helps from a top down into the day to day running of the business.

Influential people can help a business in many ways depending on their need for the company, if influence is packaged into smaller sections — this can be used to better enhance operations and procedures and you will be amazed at how quick your startup takes shape and becomes grown up.

#Simon / CEO