Unforgettable wedding party

That was a season of marriages, everywhere lighting and celebrations. People were enjoying. These were so many marriages at that time. People from home used to attend one marriage each. Like that I too had attended one of my cousin’s wedding parties. The preparation was awesome, that decoration, that food, those arrangements, that maintenance everything was awesome. People will have dream of awesome wedding parties and the one which had attended was one of them. I had no words to explain it. Especially the food in wedding parties plays an important role. Food should be very tasty and good in wedding parties. Most of the people come for wedding parties just to taste the food. It should be very hygiene, clean and tasty. These should be varieties of food items in wedding parties.

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I was like almost lost in that my cousin’s wedding party. They had arranged it so nicely and food was awesome. It was mouth watering. Everybody was talking positively about their food in the wedding party. There were so many items. Deciding menu is not an easy thing also the getting the best taste and quality food for the decided menu is also the tough thing. They had arranged it nicely. Many varieties of starters, soups, main course including variety of vegetables, rotis, varieties of rice items, sambaars, sides, salads, juices, and ice creams so on and so forth. List was very big and there was no compromise on the quality of the food as well as the taste of the food.

I have seen in many wedding parties food getting wasted because of low quality and or because of bad taste. Food is God, many people are dying because of lack of food in such situation we should not waste food. If not able to manage the things then we should prepare fewer items with good quality and taste then people will not waste the food. Here as food was awesome everybody was cleaning their plate and enjoying the food. Mainly food decides about the wedding party. If food is good means people say like wedding party was good. If food is bad means people will say like wedding party was not so good. Food decides everything. We should be very careful while booking caterers for wedding parties.

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I have attended many wedding parties but this one was awesome and unforgettable. There was no wastage of food. Everyone was having food happily and filling their stomach and giving blessings to the couple.