How to charge camcorder batteries properly

Camcorder batteries are simple and easy but sometime charging them confuses the users. If you are one of these people here are some useful battery charging tips for you.

· First go through instruction menu- Camcorder is a complicated device and with the advancement of technology it is getting more and more complicated. Unless you have done a professional course you cannot understand each and every camcorder model and working of its BCB, and that is why you need to go through the instructions manual to use it.

· Put the battery properly- You cannot fit the batteries into the charger or the camcorder just like that and expect it to run properly. If you read the instructions guide properly you will know that you have to put the batteries into the charger and in camcorder in a certain way. Read the signs given on each side of the battery and put them accordingly. See the wire is connected to the charger properly and then plug the charger on.

· Keep an eye on signals- The moment you will switch the charger on, you will see a light on it will start blinking. This is an indicator that the charging process is going on. In case it is not blinking it means there is some issue with the charger. Check what is wrong with it and fix the issue. Buy camcorder batteries of good quality as these last for longer time.

· Unplug the charger on time- During charging the charger will give a different light signal and when it is done it will give another light signal. Generally these are red and green lights. If the light signal has changed its colour it means the battery is fully charged. Unplug the charger the moment you find the batteries are charged completely. Overcharging may reduce battery life. Buy BCB camcorder batteries for your device as these help in checking excess power flow.

Put the battery back — Always keep the batteries into the battery case after charging in case you are not going to use them just after it.

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