Five Things Nobody Told You about SMS Gateway

Low cost — low network quality

A few SMS Gateway providers might offer you extremely low price per SMS message. While the low price is a good welcoming factor, did you ever ask yourself why the price is so low and hard to believe? Among many other reasons, one important reason is the low network quality of such service providers.

They might compensate the low cost in the form of offering you network quality that is extremely unpredictable. So, do not fall prey to the low cost SMS bait. Rather, use your own mind, and choose a professional service provider for SMS gateway that does not cost you more than your budget but also does not compromise with the network quality.

Never miss the freebies

If you are a new user or in other words, if you are signing up for their services, ask which freebie are they offering? Many SMS providers offer a small or defined amount or volume of free SMS messages to new users. They do it to allow the new user test the network quality, format of service, speed of message etc., to name a few. Always make sure that you avail the free service as long as it is available to test the service before opting for the final plan or recommending someone a plan.

Transmission of message

Did you know along with many awesome benefits, another reason companies choose to opt for SMS gateway providers is that they eliminate or at least reduce the chances of loss of messages in the message transmission process. If a specific number has DO not Disturb tag enabled, SMS gateway providers will return to the sender with an invalid tag. The messages can be sent in parameters such as priority and non-priority

Best over rivals technologies

SMS gateways offer better control and features over other means of communication regulatory. Take the example of SMS over fax. Fax machines are not portable but SMS gateway reduces the need for its machines or technology to be portable. Often an office has only one fax machine to serve an entire office whereas the SMS gateway service providers automate everything and send real-time SMS pinpointed to details directly into the hand-held devices of users.

Faxes are again not personal since anyone can see it; whereas SMS are totally personal, unless the user who is deemed to use it allows not to be so. Sending SMS takes less time vs. typing and sending a fax. So, the format of SMS is always cool and much better than its rival communication technology. SMS gateways simplify the overall structure of SMS sending and turn the entire system cooler.

Minimum purchase requirements

Some SMS gateway service providers have minimum purchase requirements. If you are not sure about how many SMS would you need to send, it is better to opt for a plan with no minimum requirement. After purchasing, once you think your subscriber base is expanding, you can upgrade the plan. Generally, for most of the SMS gateway service providers, they would not have such requirement compared to SMS service by mobile network providers. Always be defined about your needs. Let us take an example. If you are sending SMS to network monitors for server alerts; which you only need to send rarely; it is always a good idea to choose a plan without any limit.