How to Buy Last Minute Tickets for Hamilton on Broadway

Hamilton Last Minute Ticket Availability

Ticket Brokers and Resellers

In order to understand how Hamilton last minute tickets work you need to understand the structure of the ticket market. The so-called primary market is the first point of sale of tickets. Generally this means buying tickets directly from the venue’s box office. There is also a very active secondary market. This is where you can re-sell the tickets that you purchased from the box office. The secondary market includes people who cannot make it to the show and professional ticket brokers.

Why Last Minute Ticket Offers Exist for Hamilton

You will not find last minute offers at the box office. Even if the Richard Rogers theater didn’t sell all of its seats (very unlikely in the case of Hamilton) they will not lower the prices of their unsold inventory due to the moral hazard — people will learn this and next time they will wait until the last moment to make their purchase.

How to buy last minute tickets

By definition, you can buy “last minute tickets” for Hamilton …. in the last minute. This usually means 2 hours or less before the opening curtain. But the best deals usually happen 30 minutes or less prior to the start of the show.


Waiting for a last minute ticket deals for Hamilton is not guaranteed to succeed but it can be a great way to save a lot of money and score some great seats for one of the most sought-after Broadway show of all times. Start looking for deals no earlier than 2 hours before the opening curtain, but for the best deals you should wait around 30 minutes before the start of the show. The best way to buy Hamilton last minute tickets is either online through this link, or in person at the last minute ticket booth located in Times Square (1578 Broadway, between 47th and 48th street).



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