As I am sure you know, the award-winning musical by Lin Manuel-Miranda, Hamilton, has been one of the most popular shows in the history of Broadway. The performance is almost always sold out at the box office and the only way to purchase a reasonably priced ticket is to do it months in advance. In fact, as of writing this article, the cheapest seats available at the primary market (the box office) is $199 all the way in the Rear Mezzanine. …

뉴욕에 왔으면 브로드웨이 뮤지컬 공연은 한번쯤 봐줘야 한다. 하지만 막상 티켓을 구하려면 어떻게 구매해야 하는지조차 도통 모르겠다. 브로드웨이 티켓 싸게 사는 방법은 구글에 넘쳐 나지만, 막상 현장에선 마음에 드는 공연표를 얻기가 말처럼 쉽지 않다. 원치 않는 좌석과 인기 없는 공연만 남아 있어 실제론 시간만 축내고 빈 손으로 돌아가는 한국인 여행객들이 꽤 많다. 물론 영어가 서툴면 그마저도 어렵다.

합리적인 가격에 원하는 공연을 볼 수 있는 방법은 매우 많다. 타임스퀘어에서 일하다 보면 한국인들이 브로드웨이 티켓을 사는 여러가지 경로에 노출되지 못한 것 같아 안타까운 적이 많았다. 브로드웨이 공연 관계자로서 오늘 브로드웨이 티켓을 구매하는 “모든 경로”를 소개하려 한다. …

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“Dear Evan Hansen” is a stage musical with music and lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, and book by Steven Levenson. The musical opened on Broadway at the “Music Box” Theatre in December 2016.

“Dear Evan Hansen” is an emotional take on some of the biggest problems of modern society — dysfunctional family and mental issues. And the eternal problem of lies. It is a great musical for all ages — it will touch the same strings in you as well as in your teenage kid. You will find great tickets for it on BroadwayPass.

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Evan Hansen is the nerdy kid that every class has. He has a couple of friends and was raised only by his mother after his father left them when Evan was a little kid. He has a crush on Zoe, the sister of the school bully — Connor, who is our other major character although he doesn’t have much “stage time”. Connor is a troubled kid from a dysfunctional family. He is the typical rebellious teen that doesn’t pay much attention to his family. …

Every evening “Brooks Atkinson Theatre” turns into a small Southern diner with smiling staff and a Waitress that bakes the most delicious pies ever! And there’s more! But if you want to get to know it you must visit BroadwayPass to get some great and tickets for it. You won’t regret it.

A common misconception among my friends is that this is a story about a pie-baking competition. On the contrary — this is an emotional, multi-layered show that examines several topics without losing the feel-good vibe.

“Waitress” is a musical with music and lyrics by Sara Bareilles and a book by Jessie Nelson. The musical is based on the 2007 film of the same name, written by Adrienne Shelly. The action is set in a small-town restaurant where Jenna — the main character of ‘Waitress’ works. She is also a master pie-baker, with a taste for cool names like Mermaid Marshmallow pie, Deep (S**t) Dish Blueberry Pie, Berry the B*****it! (my oh my, and a little bit of a taste for bad words, too) Pie and Sweet Victory Pie. She is in an unhappy marriage with her abusive husband Earl (an later gets pregnant by him). Yet, she has the full support of her colleagues from Joe’s Diner — the two other waitresses — Becky and Dawn, and the owner Cal. The interesting thing about them is that they are not just fill in characters but have arcs of their own, adding up to the main story and its diversity. Dawn starts the show with a problematic love life and somewhere at the end of Act 1 meets Ogie, who she later marries. Becky and Cal, on the other hand, start an affair. Cal and Jenna have this great conversation at a later point in the show, where Jenna asks Cal if he is happy while cheating to his significant other, and he answers that he is “Happy enough”. …


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