Neither re-skilling nor job rotation are real solutions.
Adrià Hernández

Hi Adria,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your work. 
I agree that re-skilling or job rotation are non-sustainable, short-term solutions.

I will however argue that you very quickly dismiss the basic income concept, which is generally argued to actually promote personal responsibility, reduce humiliations associated with the current system, and reduce administrative waste in government. That is; basic income actually promotes freedom while removing discrimination by levelling everyone. Hopefully, I can encourge you to read more about it.

I fully agree that our future society will be built on data. But I would to challenge your view on the value of data, as a currency, in a free market with 10+ billion people on the planet.
Jaron Lanier wrote a great article on the topic, where the setting is definitely an interplay between poverty and selling your data. Why not consider supporting this setting with basic income concept and leave out the poverty.

Thank you for reading, keep up the writing, and stay in touch :)

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