Well, if we take a look at what’s happening to the environment (rate of extinction, climate change…

Hi Coolmccool, thank you for sharing you thoughts!
I very much agree with most of your points, such as the fundamental concern being how technology is used.

I do however believe that business value is still an important concept to sustain, as the concept of shareholders and shareholder wealth, leads to more businesses and thus typically economic growth and overall prosperity. Most economic studies find that generally higher levels of prosperity lead to better environmental conditions.

The concept of basic income is generally a broadly proposed idea of how to bridge the gap across the dystopia you propose. I hope I can encourage you to look further into the concept.

Finally, most of the generations that already today dominate the planet in numbers; Millenials & Generation Z, have proven to care much more about workplace ethics & environmental issues than previous generations. Accordingly, being an optimist, I see a bright future ahead of us. There might be a few storms, but in the end I believe that leaders that will create and use the technology right in order for us all to reach an abundant society sustainably. What do you think?

Thank you for reading, and stay in touch! :)

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