A Beginner’s Guide to the “Fuck Bernie” Meme and Why It Still Matters
Dana Kyle

Actually fuck the Democratic Party establishment. Hillary and yes, St. Obama are the kind of relics that won’t fly anymore. You think we’re going away? Then fuck you too. The middle class (and those who’ve not yet achieved that dream) are sick of business as usual. The wealth gap increased under Obama, and would have continued that trend at a faster rate under Clinton. Bernie was the only one addressing that (wealth inequality) as a major part of his campaign (if you believe that Hills was, then you’re still buying the line of bullshit that perpetuates it). Don’t like Bernie for other reasons? That’s discussable, but voting for an agent of the plutocracy? Yeah, sure… you gave us Trump. Thanks. Wise up chump — you’re clueless about the elitist agenda, or you’re one of them. Either way you’re part of the problem.

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