Corderre wants to change Montreal’s flag

Won’t lie — at first it was a bit of a shock, change the flag of Mtl? However, as soon as you see that Corderre wants to acknowledge the First Nation people by adding a symbol to reflect their role in our city’s heritage you have to agree with him. That being said, we hope this done by adding an element instead of replacing one.

FYI — the history of our city flag: Created in 1833 by Montreal’s first mayor, Jacques Viger, it’s almost identical to today’s instead there was a Beaver where the fleur-de-lys is today. In 1938, the flag was updated to what we have today. Symbolism: the red heraldic cross represents the city’s founding Christian settlers, the fleur-de-lys represents the French, the Red Rose the English, The Thistle the Scots & the Shamrock the Irish.