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Wednesday Feb 14th 2017


In a strange move, Quebec’s Chief Electoral Officer has made a last minute change to his proposed restructuring of the electoral map — and prominent Anglo lobbyist aren’t happy. The new voting map would see the borough of Westmount-St Louis dissolved and split into two (the east half into the downtown borough, and the west joining NDG/Cotes-Des-Neiges).

Lobbyist are worried seeing as this essentially gets rid of a traditional Anglophone-leaning riding.

Corderre wants to change Montreal’s flag

Won’t lie — at first it was a bit of a shock, change the flag of Mtl? However, as soon as you see that Corderre wants to acknowledge the First Nation people by adding a symbol to reflect their role in our city’s heritage you have to agree with him. That being said, we hope this done by adding an element instead of replacing one.

FYI — the history of our city flag: Created in 1833 by Montreal’s first mayor, Jacques Viger, it’s almost identical to today’s instead there was a Beaver where the fleur-de-lys is today. In 1938, the flag was updated to what we have today. Symbolism: the red heraldic cross represents the city’s founding Christian settlers, the fleur-de-lys represents the French, the Red Rose the English, The Thistle the Scots & the Shamrock the Irish.

Vogue likes it cold

Vogue makes an unorthodox recommendation and explains why you should come up and visit Montreal in the winter. Given that most of these “where to go” articles could easily be as bad as asking the concierge at your hotel, Vogue does a pretty good job with their restaurant section: Marconi, Dinette Triple Crown, & Cadet.

Nuit Blanche To Celebrate Man & His World

Nuit Blanche has announced the theme their annual dinner party on March 4th and it’s a trip down memory to Montreal’s heyday. Expo 67 is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year, and the people at NB wanted to give it a hat tip and acknowledge that momentous event.

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