Tuesday Feb 21st

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Normand Laprise On Grilled Podcast

The Moishes backed podcast, hosted by Tony Babinski, sits down with one of the Godfathers of today’s Montreal culinary scene, Mr Normand Laprise. Laprise discusses the evolution of the local scene, his path from dishwasher to running one of the most respected restaurants in Canada. (Comment)

Vendome Gets A Makeover

We’re getting the first glimpses at the redesign of Vendome Metro. Directly in the shadow of the new super hospital, it’s good to see renovations here as the building is in pretty rough shape and the infrastructure could use an update as ridership increases. (Comment)

Subway Chic

Speaking of the STM…they have come out with an online boutique where you can buy your favourite public transportation-inspired decor. It looks like an interesting venture, but we can’t help but think they’re totally biting some of the work from our friends @ The Main & Local, who have some strikingly similar products…(Comment)

STM Boutique Ticket Pillow
Main & Local Ticket Pillow

Spotlight On The Underground

Robert Everett-Greene takes a closer look at this year’s Festival Art Soutterrain slated to start March 4th. The theme of this year’s festival is Play and Distraction, which showcases the works of around 60 artists all displayed throughout Montreal’s underground mall. (Comment)

Interview W/Modlee & VLooper

Vice sits down with self-professed “slo jam girl” Modlee & producer/collaborator VLopper to chat about the local R&B scene and their place in it. (Comment)

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