Have you ever caught yourself setting meaning less goals? Have you said to yourself “I’m going to accomplish this” but you never actually do it. My friends and I set out this week to really stick to our goals that we set. This Sunday we gathered together and each said our goals over a live Facebook audience.

My goal was to read the book “Social Media Explained”. I choose to read this because i’m a social media expert and I want to gain more and more knowledge of my field. Social media is growing and will continue to grow wether people like it or not but this isn’t what this post is about. This post is about setting yourself up for success. We each have dreams but they get brought down with the catch phrase “ thats not realistic!” what really is realistic then? When the wright brothers were told they will never fly; wait oh yeah we have planes now. Hmm the phrase we need to be realistic needs to change into what are you going to do to make that dream a reality or are you just saying that.

Goal setting is the single way to really be accountable to yourself and it’ll help make your dreams a reality. Accomplishing small things every day will help you reach your goals.

“Greatness is a lot of small things done well.” — Ray Lewis

It takes time…nothing is over night. It can and will happen to anyone and everyone if they will let it and if they work smart to get there. Once we stop making excuses and draft our inner lions we will see the power and potential we each have in us.

What I have learned so far from this experience is that the Parkinson law is true. If you set deadlines for yourself and be accountable you will accomplish that task no matter how big or small the task my be. Deadlines help us get to the end goal one way or another. I’ve also regained my love for reading and how important it is to start and don’t let off the gas. I found myself looking at the end with a blank face not knowing what will be at the other end of the tunnel then I realized I don’t need to know what’s there. Isn’t that part of the journey for almost any entrepreneur out there? The unknown scares us, but it doesn’t have too. We fear what we don’t know but we don’t use what we do know. I’m on a quest and mastering the art of goal setting is the first step.

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