Most people who receive a PhD will not remain in academia after graduate school. Instead, they will likely enter “industry” and apply the skills they’ve learned during graduate school in a new field (if they are lucky…). For many graduates in the quantitative sciences, this new field is data science!

I made this transition myself a couple of years ago and, rather than join one of the many companies hiring data scientists these days, I co-founded Strong Analytics, a Chicago-based data science consulting firm. …

Just over a year ago, a couple friends from graduate school and I decided to leave academia post-PhD and launch Strong Analytics, a data science consulting and machine learning development firm.

Starting a business wasn’t new to me. My early interest in programming from the age of 11 had allowed me to start three software companies between high school and graduate school, leading them to acquisitions at 17-, 22-, and 27-years-old, respectively. I had licensed software to tens of thousands of clients worldwide, and worked as a software developer and consultant with hundreds of firms.

But this wasn’t like my…

Brock Ferguson

Data Scientist, Cognitive Scientist, Full-Stack Web Developer, Entrepreneur & Consultant

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