Troubling. Uncertain. Frustrating. Challenging. However, you want to describe this global pandemic of COVID-19, it is our reality right now and is affecting all of us in unique ways.

For marketers, they are having to dive deeper in the digital world as they rely on online tactics to engage consumers.

Brock Flagstad, a Chicago-based business professional with expert knowledge in digital marketing, is working to ensure that marketing professionals are equipped with the right knowledge and strategies to effectively market during a time of crisis. He highlights best practices that marketers should engage in right now.

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Be Creative

Craft regular and engaging digital content that will uplift your community. Your consumers are reading negative news in the media and are hoping to see some positive content on social media. Compelling photos and motivational quotes are great, but Brock Flagstad says that the best way to engage online consumers is through videos. On Facebook or Instagram, you can create a live video log in which you engage your audience on a more personal level and offer them the opportunity to ask you questions and offer their feedback — with you providing immediate answers. It’s a like a live Q & A with your consumers. …

Coronavirus, the dreaded word of 2020. From January until early March, it was business as usual as customers freely walked around their city’s shopping districts and made a point to support small, local businesses. By mid-March, the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world and forced all non-essential businesses to temporarily close their brick-and-mortar shops and move to purely online sales. The loss of offline sales has posed a significant challenge to many businesses, particularly those that are independent.

So, what can small businesses do to navigate this challenge? According to Brock Flagstad, a Chicago-based business professional and majority partner of a company that supports small businesses, there are a few short-term revenue strategies that small businesses can do to effectively navigate COVID-19 and remain financially healthy by the end of it. …

Welcome! My name is Brock Flagstad and I am the majority partner of a company focusing on helping small business owners. I am currently located in Chicago, Illinois and love it here. I am an alumnus of Miami University where I earned my B.S. degree majoring in finance and minoring in international marketing.

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I am a top-performing professional with proven presentation, negotiation, and closing abilities. At the businesses I have worked for, I have delivered consistent contributions to grow revenue, increase company productivity and efficiency, sales training/development, and customer relationship management skills. …


Brock Flagstad

Entrepreneur located in Chicago, IL. Alumnus of Miami University — majored in finance and minored in international marketing.