Brock Flagstad on Effective Marketing in a Time of Crisis

Brock Flagstad
2 min readMay 12, 2020


Troubling. Uncertain. Frustrating. Challenging. However, you want to describe this global pandemic of COVID-19, it is our reality right now and is affecting all of us in unique ways.

For marketers, they are having to dive deeper in the digital world as they rely on online tactics to engage consumers.

Brock Flagstad, a Chicago-based business professional with expert knowledge in digital marketing, is working to ensure that marketing professionals are equipped with the right knowledge and strategies to effectively market during a time of crisis. He highlights best practices that marketers should engage in right now.

Be Creative

Craft regular and engaging digital content that will uplift your community. Your consumers are reading negative news in the media and are hoping to see some positive content on social media. Compelling photos and motivational quotes are great, but Brock Flagstad says that the best way to engage online consumers is through videos. On Facebook or Instagram, you can create a live video log in which you engage your audience on a more personal level and offer them the opportunity to ask you questions and offer their feedback — with you providing immediate answers. It’s a like a live Q & A with your consumers.

Along with discussing your new products, you can do a live demo or offer your customers a tour of your shop (or in this case, your home).

Show that you Care

Brock Flagstad advises marketing professionals to engage in “compassionate check-ins” with their audience. Taking the form of an e-newsletter or a social media post, this check-in would involve talking about how you’re managing your business and remaining positive during this crisis. To make it more personal and build a stronger connection with your customers, you can include photos of you and your family.

You can also try throwing a question back to your audience. Ask them, “what steps are you taking to support your health and happiness during these times?” and “how can we help you during this crisis?” Asking these types of questions shows your customers that you care about them.

Brock Flagstad on Supporting the Community

During a time of crisis such as this, it’s important to offer support to those around us in any way we can. We truly are stronger together and this pandemic is a great opportunity for marketers to show that their company is not out for selfish gain but is here for the community as well, says Brock Flagstad.

What can your company do? How can they join the fight and support the community? Maybe you can offer a financial donation to a non-profit that is supporting vulnerable people affected by the crisis.



Brock Flagstad

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