Welcome! My name is Brock Flagstad and I am the majority partner of a company focusing on helping small business owners. I am currently located in Chicago, Illinois and love it here. I am an alumnus of Miami University where I earned my B.S. degree majoring in finance and minoring in international marketing.

I am a top-performing professional with proven presentation, negotiation, and closing abilities. At the businesses I have worked for, I have delivered consistent contributions to grow revenue, increase company productivity and efficiency, sales training/development, and customer relationship management skills. I am most proficient and experienced in digital marketing/lead generation with a focus on customer acquisition and growing a business from that. I am analytical and organized, with excellent trouble-shooting abilities; capacity to view the “whole picture” utilizing strategic planning and project management skills.

I’m hoping to pass a long my extensive knowledge and experience to my readers and I hope that this writing can be informative and interesting as well.

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Entrepreneur located in Chicago, IL. Alumnus of Miami University — majored in finance and minored in international marketing.