A Picture Hides A Thousand Emotions

Today I was thinking about the age-old saying, “ A picture is worth a thousand words’, and realized how true that statement actually was; but, not for the straight-forward reason it seems to present itself as.

You log onto some social media site every day of your life (don’t lie, I know you do), and, inevitably you will come across some post that seems like that person is in the middle of the most perfectly created life that could be fathomed, and, if you’re like 99% of humans, your bullshit meter kicks into high gear.

Our current social ecosystem has become a carefully crafted formula of perception. Put our best self forward online and let everything fall into place, right?

Behind every ‘perfect’ picture there’s a story. A story of happiness, depression, anger, disgust, you name it and it’s there.

Our human experience is infinitely deeper than a post, and, people are deathly afraid of that.

I understand, no one wants to show what they consider weaknesses, but, is it not our weaknesses that bind us to the true human experience?

Continuing the carefully calculated perception machine we fall into everyday only departs us further away from true human connection and place us in an un-winnable rat race, which, pretty much always ends up in loneliness.

As you wake up and move through your day, connect with someone, not on a superficial level, but, on a human level, you’ll be better off when you do.

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