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West Wing style show dealing more with social issues called Woke Wing ($7). Viola Davis and Tea Leoni are married with 6 kids (one adopted from each continent — sorry Antarctica your adoption laws are too strict). Jonah Hill plays a hipster political pundit on a show called Woke Up wear he bashes the White House for never being Woke enough. Peter Dinklage advises the President and doesn’t see eye to eye with anyone (does that pun cost me $7?) The rest of the White House also has a love hexagon of will they won’t they sexual fluidity.

President — Viola Davis — $25

FLOTUS- Tea Leoni — $13

Political Pundit — Jonah Hill $35

Special Advisor to The President — Peter Dinklage $50

Presidents Main Secret Service Operative — Gina Rodriguez $6

Chief of Staff — Jeffrey Wright $17.50

Deputy Chief of Staff — Kyle Chandler $10

Communications Director — Thandie Newton $17.50

Deputy Communications Director — Laverne Cox $15 (guess)

Press Secretary — Andre Braugher $10

Political Pundit -

Present Day $5

Office $30

Total — $241

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